Halo 3 at E3

First Halo Xbox:

Now the trailer Links:

Quicktime: Here

Bungie.net has the WMA.

Screens: Here

Trailer Synopsis: Unknown Voice: “You are, all of you, vermin.” Shot of Phantom flying over a waterfall in a lush Jungle. Voice: “Cowering in the dirt, thinking What? That you might escape the coming fire?” Shot of Marine (injured) trying to escape a Brute. Brute throws him in the air and drop kicks him. Shot of Covenant Cruisers shooting a beam of light through a layer of sky. Multiple ones are doing this. Scene of destruction. Buildings ablaze. “Your world will burn until it’s surface is but Glass.” More Fire, but then we see the Chief with his back to the flames. Phantom outside drops off Brutes, and Grunts. Fight scene with marines and Brutes in the Jungle. Master Chief hops on a Mongoose, with a Rocket launcher Marine in back. Great Lighting. We see Chief and The Arbiter running down a hallway with portable turrets. Master Chief stands with his back to a large Covenant thing in the desert. UNSC Longsword’s fly above, and we see the location of the Halo 3 trailer. First person view of warehouse fight that we saw parts of in a Vidoc. Outside with sniper. Wreckage in the background. Warthog slipping and sliding. We see the Forerunner ship from the end of Halo 2 in the background. More carnage. Hunters are back and the lighting is doing them wonders. Drones hold a Marine in the air behind a fence. Chief shoots them, freeing the marine. Miranda Keys doing a Karate Kick toward her captors. Aims gun at them, showing off the improved facial animations. Longsword is shot down. Cortana. She looks Eerily real. Not used to this. She falls in pain. We see a Monitor hovering with them. Huge UNSC ships firing (on Earth). Awesome shot of Arbiter and Chief standing looking off in the distance. Arbiter lets out a yell. More carnage. Hijacking a Brute Chopper. Brute drops a bubble shield. Warthog flips, and Brute Chopper slides in a huge outdoor environment. Master Chief takes a step into the Pelicans cockpit. Sees from Space what appears to be a deformed, HUGE, Halo ring. Pelicans shoot out of Covenant Capital Ships. Guess there is an alliance… Fighting a Huge scarab (?) using the pod rocket. Marine uses turret in the back of a Pelican. Brute Chopper in action. Master Chief runs up in the Arbiters face with a gun at his throat, Play nice you two. Scarab fires, shows you bringing it down from the ground… BOOM. Piano theme. Night sky, as Covenant Capital Ships leave the Ark. Shot of Chief looking down at light. Probably where Cortana fell down. Is she…Alright? 3 logo.

Great trailer. Heres some screen caps of Characters:

Master Chief:






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