Rock Band in Action!

Um…Guitar Hero who?

Just FYI, they aren’t using the Rock Band Guitars in this. They’re using the XPlorer guitar from the 360 version of Guitar Hero 2. The Rock Band guitar looks like this:

Note the 10 fret buttons. The ones near the neck of the guitar are for solos.

Also: Harmonix says in regards to the video:

The video of a trailer you may have seen on various sites was taken from a conference where attendees are generally encouraged to be casual and show off the new stuff they are working on privately. Apparently an attendee videotaped the talk. The trailer was made from an old build of the game quite some time ago for internal purposes- basically to get people working on the game excited. The song was one we have considered for the game but haven?t locked down, and you may have noticed that the trailer footage was made so long ago that the people in the video are playing old instruments and prototypes. I guess what I am saying is- this isn?t official and doesn?t really reflect the final game at all. We?ll be releasing a lot of info next week from much newer builds of the game with finalized songs.



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