Buttonbasher’s E3 Predictions

E3 is almost upon us (July 11-13), and since a few other sites are throwing down predictions as to what we will see in a few weeks.

MT: 12:30 PM
CT: 1:30 PM
ET: 2:30 PM

Sony- I’m expecting the PS2 to start dwindling down, and less software to be announced (aside from movie games). I think that Killzone 2 will be shown in some form, whether that’s a live demo on stage, playable on the show floor, or even a real in game trailer. Sony’s software is looking pretty good, with Heavenly Sword, Lair, Afrika, and MGS4 specifically, but I want to see some of the games shown off originally at E3’05 like Heavy Rain,  and Eyedentify. As for the portable scene I think that they could potentially announce a PSP redesign. Something with built-in memory, better battery life, and possibly another analog nub. With the Playstation Network up and running, they could do what Microsoft did last year, and put some demos/trailers from the show up for download. And don’t forget about Home and LittleBigPlanet! Sony could have a great showing.

MT: 10:00 AM
CT: 11:00 AM
ET: 12:00 PM

Nintendo- Expect more mini-games. More gimmick. More Mii’s. I’m not too happy with the game selection for the Wii so far. I’m getting worried that Mini-games will become the only games available. They are selling fantastically so why stop making them? I want real games. Zelda proved a 3rd person adventure can work well with the Wii, so why are we not seeing more? Expect Nintendo to show off Super Mario Galaxy and Super Smash Bros. Brawl as their big games of the show (I’m expecting firm release dates). Metroid Prime 3 will probably be shown off more extensively as well. I’m hoping that Animal Crossing Wii is shown off (but not using Mii’s), and I think theres a good chance that Pikmin 3 will be announced as well. I’m not expecting megaton software announcements, but hardware could be a different story. I think that a new download service on the Wii could be announced as well as some new Channels. Potentially new ways to save your VC games (HDD/special SD cards) could be mentioned. But I think that Nintendo could bring back the Gameboy. If they are indeed wanting the DS brand and the Gameboy brand to co-exist with each other, we should see a new Gameboy. With DS graphics, but more traditional control. Icing on the cake would be if it could play the virtual console games you buy on Wii (SD card transfer?). In the Wii software drought Nintendo has a lot to prove, they are sitting pretty well in the sales charts, but it seems they aren’t focusing on the hardcore audience enough.

MT: 9:30 PM
CT: 10:30 PM
ET: 11:30 PM

Microsoft- Halo 3 will obviously have a big presence. I’m not expecting a demo for the Marketplace, but I do expect them to show a single player demo off during the press conference (just like at E3 03). Probably a new trailer. I’m expecting all of the naysayers on the graphics to be put in their place. As for other games, I think that it’s probable that we see a Bioshock demo on the Marketplace. It’s shipping in August, so it’s probably near finished, thus making a demo more likely. I think that Microsoft has a few more exclusives up their sleeve as well. I’m thinking that since all of the GTA IV media we’ve seen so far has been on 360, there is more chance of Microsoft having the exclusive showing at the press conference. I think that Xbox Live Anywhere will be more detailed, and will be given a full release plans. I think Microsoft will announce a new partnership (dare I say acquisition?), and detail some new XBLA games. Halo 3 will likely be the main push from Microsoft this E3, but there should still be good showings for games like Mass Effect, Bioshock, Alan Wake, and PGR4.

These are just guesses, but I figured I’d throw down some predictions. Leave your predictions in the comment section!

Only 2 weeks!



4 thoughts on “Buttonbasher’s E3 Predictions

  1. Ok so here I go.


    While I think it would be a good idea to start winding down the PS2, I don’t think they will do it just yet. There are bound to be some developers still clinging on to the people that still own a PS2, most likely targeting less hardcore gamers because the more hardcore ones already have a PS3. But dwindle or not, I doubt there will be any PS2 announcements at E3. Killzone 2, Lair, Heavenly Sword, and MGS4 are a shoe in in my book to have at least a minium of a trailor if not more. New PSP would be logical but not so sure if its practical. Sure the PSP is not doing so hot but a new one, I think, would only complicate their market. Home is also something I would like to see shown there and I don’t think it would make sense not to show it. Mabye they can also put to rest the rumors of a new controler design by either dismissing it or announcing a new one.


    Totaly agree with KLind on this one. Gimmicks, gimmicks, gimmicks, and gimmicks. That stuff sells so why not put it out there. Its sad because they talk about the PS3 having no games yet here is the Wii with crap. I feel they are going to focus mainly on their shoe-in games that everyone knew was comming like the Marios and the Metroids and mabye throw some new online feature or more old arcade games in there. As for a new Gameboy, I have serious doubts. Well, not so much doubt as a plee of “PLEASE NOT ANOTHER”. Sure, Nintendo owns the handheld market and need to stay on top. But asking Gameboy enthusiasts to buy a new one with a new little feature or two every single year is a show that people are going to get tired of fast. I think Wii needs to slow down, focus on some long titles, make the lack of graphics capability somehow work to their advantage, and THEN show up at E3 with some good new stuff, next year. As for this year, lets roll the same parade float that is Nintendo around for another lap


    HALO HALO HALO. And…um…GTA 4. And Halo. They are gonna pump Halo into your brain this year no doubt about it. They want it out and they want you psyched. I also think they will expand a little and lift the veil on GTA 4 and let people know what its all about. Bioshock is another good one they have in the line up. And probably wrap it up with a new Xbox live feature.

  2. …we should see a new Gameboy. With DS graphics, but more traditional control. Icing on the cake would be if it could play the virtual console games you buy on Wii (SD card transfer?).

    That would be totally awesome…

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