Princess Zelda in Brawl

Finally some decent news from Smash Bros. Dojo! Instead of a new level, or a music sample, we finally have a new character! Well, sort of. She’s been in the past games. But this is sweet because it’s Twilight Princess Zelda! And the character model is looking good!

I’m getting pretty excited for Smash Bros. Brawl purely from a graphical standpoint. It’s looking seriously good. With this and Mario Galaxy looking so good, why are we getting games that look like trash? If it’s 2 Gamecubes Duct-taped together, give me at least Gamecube graphics! But that rant is for another time. Here’s more Zelda:

Mmm. Purdy.



2 thoughts on “Princess Zelda in Brawl

  1. hey zeldas like my favorite princess in nintendo games. i think shes
    so smart pretty and i love her dress i always wanted to be her for halloween!
    i hate peach i think shes a slut do you think mario and peach are
    good couple.
    well i like the pitchers of zelda

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