Nintendo to show off Mario Kart Wii, and New Hardware at E3?

Jeux-France has heard a rumor about Nintendo’s offering at mini-E307. Text translation below:

According to rumours which appear credible to us, Nintendo would have already planned since a few weeks what will be presented at the time of its conference of E3 2007 at the United States, which will take place the morning of next 11 July. Several important advertisements should be made. In addition to the advertisement of new dates of exit (Super Bros Smash. Brawl and Super Mario Galaxy in particular), Mario Kart Wii should be revealed, as well as a ‘large revelation on the Hardware level‘. Let us point out that they are for the moment simple rumours, anything official.

Hardware? My guess is that they could revive the Gameboy tier of their 3 tier strategy. The last true Gameboy was the GBA in 2001. Nintendo said that the DS was not a replacement for the Gameboy. I wouldn’t mind if Nintendo made something traditional for the Hardcore gamers. Compared to the Wii and DS, which recently have been focused on the non-gamers, anything for the Hardcore gamers would be a good thing.




One thought on “Nintendo to show off Mario Kart Wii, and New Hardware at E3?

  1. I thinkt he new hardware deal will either be new Wii colours or a Wii hard drive. I don’t think they’d reveal a new GameBoy with the Wii and DS doing so amazingly well. But I guess we’ll see…

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