Kingdom Hearts 3 to be shown at TGS

At the recent Square Enix Event, a teaser trailer was shown that basically said they would make a big announcement dealing with the Kingdom Hearts series, at the Tokyo Game Show in September.  A teaser for an announcement. That is totally Square Enix. So what do you think will be announced? Kingdom Hearts spin-off for Portables (Birth by Sleep)? Or Kingdom Hearts 3 (For Ps3, Wii, or 360?).

Speculation starts here!



469 thoughts on “Kingdom Hearts 3 to be shown at TGS

    • Wii? Hell, are you joking? KH1 and KH2 were both playstation, so would KH3 for the ps3. Why? Better graphics and more reasons I wont mention but really…why add motion controls to a series that needs none, especially the wii kind. I also doubt they specialize in “Nintendo” console products. Play mario or buy a ps3 when they announce it.

  1. kingdom hearts 3 isnt gonna be on wii or xbox 360
    its definetely gonna be on ps3 because the other games werw
    chain of memories was only on gba because that was the best handhold at the time
    if psp had been out at the time then chain of memories would most likely hav been on it

  2. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Why does this have be unhappily questioned wether it has to be on the new generation consoles and not on at least on the playstation 2

  3. KH3 will either be on 360 PS2 Wii or DS. the only way it’ll be on PS3 is if they wait till the PS3 gains a user base, or else they will lose money.

    • he’s right…they can’t give KH3 to PS3. only rich kids, really spoiled kids, or ppl who can afford em have PS3’s right now.
      if Square Enix makes KH3 a PS3 exclusive they won’t make NEAR as much as they would releasing it on PS2, 360, and Wii.
      The last annoymous online poll I posted said only 2 out of 10 gamers actually have a PS3…while 7 out of 10 just say they do.
      and 8 out of 10 KH fans would rather it come out on 360…mostly because most KH fans (like me) are also hardcore Halo fans…:)

      • Bringing Halo into the conversation? Kingdom hearts..halo…now why would hardcore shooter fans want KH on xbox 360? I own a Ps3 I admit but why ruin whats good, i’ll say again. KH1 and 2 were on Ps2 and on Xbox…ohh right, they weren’t on xbox! Btw, who wants to go on a poll online about what they have? If you were a real fan you would stop bitching about how Xbox 360 has gamerscore and xboxlive crap so it should get the game cause it was lower priced. I am not saying which is better, I am know asking you the questions. What KH fans do you know worldwide by saying “most” are also halo fans? Will you even be satisfied if they go single player? “Omg, now I cant kill my friends and n0obz!”

  4. by the time kh3 comes out, ps3 will be as popular and widely played as any other current gen console

  5. there is not gonna be a kh3 but there is gonna be a kh2:fm
    to get the game go to and search it
    the game is 80.00 can and pretty sure it comes up to about 100.00 with shippin handlin box carrier

    i will also have some videos of kh2:fm on youtube as soon as it arives from japan wich should a week from now

  6. and for all of you that dont wanna put ther credit card on the internet, they were maybe suggesting a fall realease of kingdom hearts 2 :Final Mix

    if you need information or wanna see what the box/cover is go to and click Final Mix + under the KH2 section

  7. ^Not sure what you’re getting at. Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix is just like Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. It’s like an expansion to KH2, but includes Chain of Memories remastered.
    No relation to Kingdom Hearts 3.

    Of course other than the Birth By Sleep teaser which I believe is more of a preview to a spin off, not KH3.

  8. It would be really cool if KH3 came out on Playstation 3, but Playstation 2 would make more sense because SOOOOO MANY people have it so the profit potential would be higher.

  9. yeah ive seen that box art nd it doesnt look anything like the box art of the other games which show the main characters
    theyr probably gonna make a game for psp between the 2nd and 3rd game like chain of memories

  10. If you guys think that putting it on the ps2 will make it better…. WRONG! No, the ps3 has a ton of stuff that the ps2 doesn’t have that can bring the game to its full extent. Do you want some cruddy thing on the ps2? Or a game that rocks out loud on the ps3? There are some money debates, but the price will go down. In about a year and a half you’ll see that most sony lovers will have upgraded to the ps3. I’ve also heard that ps3 and 360 are similar, but the ps3 only uses some of what it has to do that, while the 360 uses all it has. It is only coming out on the ps3. If you want to play the best game ever, then you’ll save up your money. Then go to, and save yourself $100, and get the 20GB ps3. Trust me, 20GB is a lot, even if you do want the 60GB. Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to rock.

  11. This game is going to look so good on the ps3. You see some of the cut sceens for final fantasy and kingdom hearts already look pretty good. Imagine those sceens on technology way ahead of the ps2. Dude…. It’s gonna be sick!

  12. i finished kingdom hearts 2 100% and in the end it showed a trailer were soras,rikkus and mickeys keyblades were old rusted and in the ground and all around were thousands of keyblades. it was strange but i concluded a keyblade war no durrr. what i want to know is why would you put kh3 on ps3 not ps2? do game ppl think were rich and have the time to go buy every new game system out there?no! ive had a ps2 for a long time i broke two of them but they come out cheap latter on and i stick with them. im not going to buy a ps3 to find out what happens on kh3 thats just bs. i hope they relize that more ppl have ps2’s than anything else cuz were not gonna waste money.

  13. ^The same argument can be made for all of the Halo fans that don’t have the cash to drop on an Xbox 360. I understand the concerns or everyone, as I don’t have a Playstation 3 either. But from a gamers standpoint, I want the best game that Square-Enix can make. And honestly, they can do more with more resources. I know people that bought a PS2 for Kingdom Hearts, so whats stopping them from buying a PS3 for KH3? I realize it’s a crap load of money, but I don’t think big companies like S-E really support the Playstation 2 anymore. And if Sony is paying them to make KH3 an exclusive title, wouldn’t they want it on their new system to boost sales?

    I understand all of the concern, but Kingdom Hearts 3 will be on Playstation 3. No way it will be on PS2.

  14. kh3 will be on both ps3 and xbox 360. if you read around the same company who make final fantasy makes kingdom hearts. and they are starting to make final fantasy on xbox 360. and on the japan site for this they say there will be a 85% chance that kh3 will be on xbox 360 and ps3.

  15. please be on the mother fucking ps2 they got to know that the ps3 sales arn’t going very good comparing to the wii since the wii allready sold 2 billion and the ps3 only has sold like 26 million knowing that maybe it would be on the ps2 but looking at the kh3 video it clearly has high def and it maybe on blue ray video so there is a small chance it would be on the ps2…but we can allways hope right?

  16. Ok i’ve been researching on kh3 since kh2 came out and that has been a good long time now but wat i didnt expect was a third generation sony coming out when that happened i knew that there was a very high chance that it would come out on the ps3 and that for me pretty much sucked and it will pretty much suck for about all of the ps2 fans out there that have stuck with there all time favorite game and they cant afford to just go off and buy a ps3 which they did that for the ps2 but kh3 first came out on the ps2 and every had to buy a ps2 because nintendo gamecube i guess you can say it wasnt that great and big and xbox pretty much sucked at the time so any gamer bought a ps2 or kept there old dreamcast but this new generation is just to close and if square makes a mistake on putting kh3 on ps3 then no one is gonna get up and say hay look kh3 is on ps3 y should i get a ps3 when wii is much cheaper and to fun for me to go and make that decison and i know its not going to be on xbox 360 and i cant see it on a wii so just dont have to have a huge decision and put on the every haves ps2 you’ll make a whole lot of money.

  17. ok now i have read all of the comments and rumors and all of that stuff but i thnk that KH3 will be on xbox 360 and ps2 b/c those are prolly the best sytsems right now ps3 cost a whole lot and wii well idk how you wuld play it on the wii but if they put it out on xbox360 and ps2 its gonna make them a lot of money but right now we cant really tell wut they gon do so all we can do is listen to the rumors and wait and hope that it doesnt come out on ps3 if it does then i guess that ima havea to forget bout playin KH3

  18. ^Square Enix won’t make Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS2. Ever. End of Story. They want to stick with tradition so It’ll be on PS3. TGS isn’t far away, so we’ll all know the console it’ll be on then. Until then expect it to be on PS3. And Cloud: Just because the PS3 is expensive now, doesn’t mean it will always be. Sure you may not be able to play it at launch, but you may be able to in the future.

  19. they should make KH3 for both PS2 and PS3 because a lot of people have PS2 and cannot afford PS3. So if they make it for both than they have the combined profit of the people who buy the PS2 version and the PS3 version. That way they make more money and more people are able to play the game. IN that case, it would be a win – win situation.

  20. also, the PS3 only cost so much because of the Blue Ray disc feature, if it did not have that than it would most like be a couple hundred dollars less.

  21. ^There’s no easy way to make the same game for Next Gen and Last Gen consoles. PS3 games are usually 12-25GB compared to PS2 discs which can only hold 9GB. Also they would have to make 2 different games. Its not like you could port one to the other.

    Also if PS3 didn’t have Blu-Ray the games wouldn’t look as good. All the games are on Blu-Ray Discs too, not just movies. Blu-Ray Discs hold so much more than other console discs, that allows developers to make in the long run better, longer, bigger, and better games.

    Sure it’s expensive, but again: It won’t always be.

  22. Hey, the series could be moved to the Wii. They had announced Dragon Quest IX for the DS, and it is not a spinoff, but an actual part of of the Dragon Quest/Dragon Warrior series. I say that the reason that Square-Enix is developing for the XBox 360 and Nintendo machines so heavily right now is slow PS3 sales which are being blamed on the PS3’s price tag and PSP sales are so-so. There is a Bank of America report that says that any developer that was betting on the PS3 for console game sales should see a big time drop in their stock price. I am glad that the PSP Grand Theft Auto prequels were converted to the PS2, so I can play them without buying a PSP. Enough said.

  23. ^No. No. No. No. No. At Nintendo’s Press Conference they announced that Super Smash Bros. Brawl will be coming out on December 5th. I honestly have no idea how you got Kingdom Hearts 3 out of anything mentioned in that Press Conference.


  24. Ok here it goes Kingdom heats I was on ps2 right…
    And so was Kingdom Hearts 2 right.. After that was the xbox 360 coming out …. Then they were making Kingdom Hearts III “The Keyblade Wars” So its more likey it would be 4 Ps3 because its going to be a longer game and tell me people… Blue-Ray Has like wat 25 to 100 gb’s per Cd right… And with that in mind they call make it go longer with the graphs and sound as well … so you see its better if they have it like in ps3… Because Square Enix start from ps1 till now with ps3 like all the final Fanstay’s games… Right, But now Xbox 360 has one game So its possible it can be Xbox 360 as well….

  25. The new interview said that the new game was most likely gonna be a hand held and that its NOT going to be kingdom hearts 3. And that its going to be a side story.

  26. Which is dumb because chain of memories sucked and i didnt play it until after i beat KH2 so i was confused as hell with the whole deep sleep thing and how sora got captured

  27. ^I think if they did this for PSP where if it felt like the same Kingdom Hearts game, but it just explored backstory it could work. CoM was during the same time frame of the previous game and factored into KH2 way too much. A backstory of the Keyblade wouldn’t interfere much. Then KH3 for PS3 could just follow the Kh1 and KH2 storyline.

    I think it could work.

  28. I agree following the keyblade’s history would be much better than adding into the Kingdom Hearts storyline and if the put the handheld game on the psp than the more likely it is to sale i mean kingdom hearts is a very deep game and putting it on the gameboy advance agien would be a very dumb idea

  29. ^ They haven’t released any time frame for a date because the game isn’t announced yet ;) but expect it to get to Asia first then the US. Also GBA is dead so a portable spinoff would be on DS or PSP.

  30. ^SE has been keeping detail about [KH3] to a minimum. Sure, they’ll throw in several teaser trailers and announcements, but they haven’t said ANYTHING about a specific release date or even the actual TITLE!! Even so, buttonbasher is correct; you’d better save up some cash – KH3 will be the bomb on PS3!! With a whole new graphics setup, it’ll kick every other game’s ass on the market!!

    And, yes, it WILL suck on the PS2.

  31. K PPL!!!! omg, the guy who created it, Tetsuya Nomura, has already released that he will be no longer creating games for ps2, and if u search in images u’ll find a picture which says that the cover for the new game is a fake, search “Kingdom Hearts 3” in goodle images, it has not even been released weather or not they r even making a 3rd one so there is no cover yet, its in debate, and they are considering making a spin off…the cover which everyone has been seeing is thought to have been made in photoshop, they r supposidly alot of flaws in it…So really at the moment there is really nothing to get excited about bc they havn’t even decided weather or not they r making another one…
    P.S i’ll send the site where they give u all the info on wats been released so far…

  32. has been kindly informed by reader Phillip Tucker that IGN have released an article in response to Dengeki PlayStation’s recent interview with Tetsuya Nomura.

    “We’ve already been approached by the Disney side saying that they want us to make it,” said the busy producer regarding the next installment in the series. “What I can say at this time is ‘We have various ideas, but we’re not at the point where we can say that.’ Looking at the development schedule, after KHII FM+, the Kingdom Hearts team has Final Fantasy Versus XIII awaiting, so it’s physically impossible at the present. I feel that it’s not the right time to talk about the future of Kingdom Hearts.”

    Clearly this is not confirmation that there will be a Kingdom Hearts III, but this is probably as good as we’re going to get for a while. All the FINAL FANTASY games are coming out, so they will not wish to overly congest their market.

  33. Well, the news about Kingdom Hearts 3 is still limited I’m afraid. What we do know, however, is that Tetsuya Nomura is planning and working on a new Kingdom Hearts game, though it appears likely that this game will not be the numbered sequel “Kingdom Hearts III”, but rather another adventure entirely.

    It is likely, therefore, that the game Kingdom Hearts 3 might not be released for a few years to come, but there is likely to be another game or other games in between to satisfy our Kingdom Hearts desires!

    Also pasted from the site previously sent…

  34. I hope it comes out for 360 and Ps3. It’ll probably come out for Ps3 for sure but I really hope it comes out for 360 because i’m not buying a Ps3 for sure but I do have a 360. PLEASE COME OUT FOR 360 PLEASE!!!

  35. plllllzzzz square nex company if ur reading trhis pllz put keydom hearts3 for the ps2 alot of ppl will be sad if u dont so pllz of alll the pll with ps2s we ask u pllz put it on ps2 plllllllllllllzzzzzzz pretty pretty pllllzzzzzz with a ps2 on top

  36. sadly there is no way the Kingdom hearst 3, if there is one, will be for ps2, the guy who produced kingdom hearts already said that he’s not making any more games for ps2 and he’s the one who created the characters, so…really chances r it will be on one of the newer systems, probably ps3, and psp…

  37. On some other sites the say that its gonna be called somthing else
    the new kh3 vid is on meta cafe. The girl with blue hair i think’ll be
    an ansestor of sora or she could be his mum but she was brain washed or somthin

  38. ^No one ever said that the video was for Kingdom Hearts 3. The popular theory is that the teaser is for the spinoff portable game.

    The secret video after the original Kingdom Hearts was very different from how KH2 ended up.

  39. lol it dont matter to me what its on i have a wii ps3 and 360 so bring on the new kh3 game i beat out kh2 100% that secret ending was stuped there was 3 rusty keys and like hundreds and thousands of other keys everywhere

  40. .


  41. I hope the Kingdom hearts III also comes out for Xbox 360 becuase I really want to play that game. It is one of the best games of all time, like Halo. So I hope that Microsoft get it for Xbox 360.

  42. There Might be a chance becuase i read many articles about how Square-Enix said that the next series of kingdom hearts will be multi-console game.

  43. I Just Want A Simple Answer Yes Or No Will Their Be A Kingdom Hearts 3? Or Something Else That Relate To Kingdom Hearts?

  44. Last Dec. i bought a PS2 just for KH(2). i loved the game(s) so much i saved my money FOREVER just so i could play without having to go to my friend’s house. i understand that why they would want to make KH3 just for PS3, but they have to understand that the PS3 isn’t going to sell to more ppl just because they put a popular game on it. They have to know that there will be a HUGE uproar from PS2 fans and that could seriously damage their sales. Their safest bet would be to just put the game out for PS2, even if the grafics suffur, ppl just want to know what happens!
    (and neither will anyone else!)

  45. really the ps3 is going throught the same thing as the ps2 did at first no one wanted to spend the money and everyone was loyal to either the ps1 or the N64 but after a while people convert…..they always do……

  46. The New KIngdom Hearts Game Will Be On The PS3,PS2, Maybe The DS or PSP Not Xbox,or Xbox 360,or Wii, or Pc
    The New Kingdom Hearts Game Is aside Story. Sora Is not going to be the main person in the game they want to foues on the others like Roxas, Riku,Maybe The King and Terra ,Ven ,and Aqua
    And Think They Sould Make a movie of Kingdom Hearts Just like They did FF7 Adven Chrildren That Was A Great movie
    The New Kingdoom hearts sould be called
    Kingdom Hearts The Keyblade War
    They should not make it for xbox 360 or xbox or wii or Ds or gba could it wouldnt be right it should be for sony systems only!!!!!!! ^_^

  47. ^None of this is fact. Don’t treat it as such.

    FACT: New Kingdom Hearts game (KH3, or spinoff). Console (TBD)
    Announcement at TGS.

    That’s all that we know about the next game.

  48. ^98. If you’re not getting a PS3, then you will not be playing KH3.
    ^99. Nothing has been confirmed but the popular theory is that the video was for a spinoff game or maybe just some random backstory.

  49. i already told u guys about that fake cover!!!! they said it was probably done in photo shop from a previous game cover!!!

  50. and i also said that its impossible for there to even be a cover yet bc they are not even sure they r making it yet!!! or wat its gonna be called, its still in debate.

  51. Hey, didnt anyone see the Secret Teaser in KH2.
    It’s definetly become an online game!!!
    Looks at those thousands keyblades all over the dessert.
    Well, I’ll guess that enuf to say that it will be an online game.

    Kingdom Hearts Rulezzzz….

  52. k i got stuff to say 1.r u effin serious da ps3 is over $600!? .2 u can buy almost buy a plasma tv with over $600 .3 kh3 4 ps3!? i mean… ya thats awesome graphics but the dude(s) that will make kh3 wont make much $$$ cuz pplz will say hell no im not spendin 600 2 get kh3…………..we can only hope itl be 4 ps2 man this debate is worse than that high school musical crap they let out on tv damn……

  53. No way! they cant do that to us! surely if they released the game on PS3 they would lose valuable fans as well as money. As the first 2 games were previously released on PS2 i think that they should therefore release on ps2, then when they hype is up upon the game, release it on ps3. Admittedly tho, the graphics would be SO much better on PS3.

  54. yup gotta face the truth it 4 ps3 and 360 my big downside is that all the games that i REALLY want are not 4 ps2 /= (gta 6) (resident evil 5) (kingdom hearts 3) and possibly hitman4 so ya i got my share of crap 2.

  55. i have a wii and im not buying a ps3 and sadly I ll say this:

    kh3 is 90% sure that is going to ps3 graphics, tradition any reason you want
    the other 10% is 7 for wii and 3% for xbox 360 cause the 360 sucks in japan and squareenix have fans on both america and asia and square enix have better realationship with nintendo than microsft. with all those remakes of previus ffs

    luckily the next kingdom heart game is not the 3 and probably is goingo to be on a hand held console maybe psp maybe ds gba is already dead i hope that is on ds and maybe that 7% means something and with MANY LUCK kh3 goes to the wii

  56. lol theres no way there gunna put that on the wii are u mad its mostly gunna be on 360 or ps3 its useles on the wii and will be stupid cos if it was ull have to use that stupid thing with the remote like swing it about for atacking if that was it ull do it all out the game and make it to easy and no point of lvling up well sure they could make a diffrent version for wii but it will not be this. but hey ive heard about nother version of this for ps2….

  57. i think it might be a spin of realy becouse looking at the ending no ones worried about sora the 3 chasers (knights) Terra,aqua and ven look like there fighting befor kh1 becouse you all must of played kh2 yensid gave sora that odd looking blue key for valor form rember ? and thats what the king has in the kh2 final mix secret ending and yensid is the kings teacher so im guesing around 8 or 10 years befor kh1 this is set and a nother thing if u seen that ending you see that kingdom heart onley just got found there and in kh2 it was so of you no…dead

  58. lol
    is not necesary swing the control it can be used for some reaction commands but just swing the controll will be extremly tired just thing first and again cmon kh3 for 360 thats even more stupid that for wii squareenix hava almost nothing of relationship with microsoft they just use thier good online experience for ffXI

  59. What are the odds that KH3 doesnt feature Sora, Donald, and Goofy? i mean at the end of KH2 they were happily back on sora’s island safe and sound what if they dont leave?

  60. Yeah and even though they were all happy at the end of kh2, everyone knew they were gonna make kh3 and sora, kairi, riku, etc. are the stars of the series!
    making kh3 without them is like making a sandwich without bread! (it cant be done!!!)

  61. heya
    kh3 hasnt got sora riku or kairi init
    kh3 is a story be4 there time and how it ll came about
    mikey is init but the tralier shows him young
    i think its goin to b ansem younger and he was brimed wif evil n how kh1 and 2 came about
    but the 3rd one defo does not have them 3 init its b4 there time

  62. also in the video you see one of the guys get frozen and when his helmet breaks, you can see that it’s Roxas. Or Sora. It looks like one of them

  63. really by the time the game does finaly come out (if it comes out) the PS2 will be long dead i mean we are talking december 08 at the very earlest and i am guessing PS2 game will probably stop being made by the big names like EA ,Rockstar, and THQ by june……ish……maybe

  64. Ok i think we all need to calm down about Kingdom Hearts 3. It prolly wont even come out till like 2010-2112, which the PS3 will drop in price so Sony will make money on it. If the spinoff comes out on a handheld i definetly wont buy it cuz if im gunna play a friggin sweet game i want it to be on a big friggin screen not some dinky little thing. and face it the graphics on the PSP are gunna b nuthin compared with some of the TVs coming out now and into the future. Also i kno tht it prolly wont come out for 360 but im hoping because i want one :) and it already has a pretty decent number of ppl who own one so ittl b a good move for SE. And the vid at the end of KH2 tht has absolutely nothing to do with KH3 maybe the spinoff, but it didnt have sora in it soooo. and teyutsa nomura or whtever said tht sora was just takin a break in his interview so the vid has sumthin 2 do w/ a spinoff. nothing whatsoever i known about KH3 yet except wht we can speculate.
    OK im done now. :)-

  65. I dont think they will make it for ps2, unless its an extremely edited and cut one, because if they do a ps3 sized game for ps2, (which it will prolly b) it will b slow and it wont perform as well if it was made for ps3. graphics will b much better. if it wasnt goin to be such a big game, thn i would agree, ya make it for the ps2, but kh3 is gunna b a lot better and needs a new gen console to make it its best.

  66. i’ve made up my mind I am going to make KHIII on PSII and PSIII now you KH lovers don’t have to believe this is me but i ensure you ITS ME what do you have to lose in thinking its me.

  67. idk what ur talking about THEY WILL NEVER PUT kh3 ON THE WII if u think this then ur just plain retarded there both diffrent gamesystems theres no way in hell it will be on the the wii and if it is how is it going to work ? the wii is an accidenyt wait ing the happen and dear god i hope its on the ps2 but i dout it but it wont come out for some time so save up and save a shit load or beegg ur mom and dad

  68. i really hope they put it on ps2 or psp cause if it goes on ps3 im gonna have to wait till the price goes down and now im worried if i wait i might miss out on getting KH3………….please god put it on ps2 PLEASE :(

  69. Okay guys, KH3 is MOST LIKELY gonna be on PS3. They are expecting you to buy the PS3 then the KH3. Thats how technology works (they want money, they don’t care if you don’t have it). They figure that if big KH fans are truly dedicated to KH, that we’ll buy the console needed. Besides haven’t you seen the newest video? Its on youtube. It has great graphics so im SURE its for PS3….im saving my moneh! i reeeaaally want to play it ^_^ AND its worth getting a PS3 cause it has other awesome games that are gonna come out, like FF13 and FFVersus13 AND the new FF7!….Enchanted Arms, L.A.I.R, Dark Kingdom….

  70. I really hope its on PS2 as well as everything else. But i don’t know if we can afford a PS3 besides the games still make me cry on PS2 lols. Anyway whats the point on making it only on PS3 can’t they make it so people who don’t have $100 bucks in there wallet? It would be best if they spread out the console variety. It won’t be a crappy game on PS2 BTW!!!!!! Why is PS2 getting all the hate?

  71. I agree with no. 60, i will bawl my eyes out if its not on PS2. The KH series has brought me a tight bond with my bro. PLEASE IF YOURE READING PLEASE DON’T BREAK THE HEARTS OF SO MANY PS2 AND KH FANS!!!!!

  72. I knw i have both kingdom hearts 1 nd 2 on ps2 nd they are like my favourite games so i hope tht they bring it out on ps2 cause i knw tht i will be shattered.

  73. square enix isn’t playstation owned…they started rleasing games on xbox 360…i hope they sell the game on xbox cuz well…i dont have a! BRING IT ON!

  74. I hope you come out with Kingdom Hearts 3. But let it be for a XBOX 360,PS2,WII hey please if its ok put kingdom hearts 3 also in ps2 so may can play!!!!!!! So people with a PS2 can play it to it would not be fair it you just make it for a PS3. You got to make it for the PS2,XBOX360,WII. So please make a kingdom hearts 3 for a PS2 because I don’t have a ps3.

  75. one of u said that the reason y chain of memories was on gba was it was ppopular and if the psp came out it would be for tthe psp thats wrong it will be for ds because they know that the company wont get money for psp because the psp sucks.
    the ps3 sucks too.the wii is the best.
    i wish this game was for the wii because i want a kingdom hearts game for the wii i want it to be for the wii and ps3 plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz make it for the wii plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  76. u guys should make it for the ps3. Its already for the ps2 so make it for the ps3 it’s gonna be awesome and don’t make it only fort the wii. KH3 for the wii no way that’s so dumb!!!

  77. alright seriously people there isno way in hell it will b for wii u say it would look bad on ps2 it would be even worse on wii and not only that but if u liked video games u would by a ps3 it has lots of good games coming out in the future and it does more than just play games and they prbly wnt make it for 360 cus everone that bought it dint buy it for rpg thy bought it for halo3 nd it wont b for the ps2 cus of all the reason everone els said and a portabl spin off would b on psp cus it has mor capability

  78. there will be a kh3 but the spin offs will come 1st like
    birth by sleep (psp) kingdom hearts coded (phone) and some odd one 372/2 days (ds) but that pic at the top is birth by sleep for the psp were u play as terra by the looks of pictures ive seen but kh 3 will come much later

    to see pictures of kingdom hearts birth by sleep search up
    kingdom hearts birth by sleep on looks cool =D

  79. it will be on only ps3 and wii because the ps3 is very graphical and nex generation and wii is fun and more people have wii anyway.

  80. The ps3 needs KH3 to create a user base ¬_¬ SONY lost that when they their launch messed up…now
    should come out on the PS2 PS3….and possibly the wii
    its could work on that consle but it just wouldnt be the well same feel to it and it would to me take the seriousness the story can have at some points out of it….(if you get what i mean) , :] they should make a silly spin off like KH BATTLE D:< for the wii…that would be fun x33.

    As for the 360 …its not the best and i dont like it, :3 its only good cause of the games, if any of the the Xbox360 games had been made for or on anyother consle they’d still be good.

  81. okay, I would dare say that KH3 is NOT going to be on the 360, no matter how much you want it to be. It just wouldn’t be a good move for Sony to put a game, especially not KH, on Microsoft’s system. That’s like them blatantly saying that Microsoft makes better products than they do. With the popularity of the KH series, putting it on the 360 would crush Sony. Sony would become like Sega, good for games and not consoles. Yes, the 360 is a powerful machine, but so is the PS3 and the Wii. If it’s on the Wii, I really don’t know how you’d be able to play it with the remote and the nunchuck, but that’s for the software and hardware developers to figure out. I know even a fraction of the amount of work that it takes to put into those games, so I’m not surprised that they’re not releasing anything official on KH3 as of yet. I spent last year making video games. It’s hard work, so give the developers a break, putting it on one system is hard enough, but on more than one, you have to convert the entire thing to that console’s set up. Not to mention that not all the systems may be able to run KH3 effectively. Oh, and if they were going to put it on the PS2, they could just put it on more than one disc.

  82. okay for all of you despretly fighting your arguement as to why the game should be put on the ps2…… prepare to hate me……. sorry for this…….. Listen up cheapo’s the game isnt coming out for atleast a year that means all you have to do is save 2 dollars a day that comes out to $730 thats more than enough to buy a ps3 and like 3 copies of the game. so quit crying! okay i am done

  83. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with dude up there sumwhere, if they make it 4 ps2 they can just put it on more than 1 disc.
    PS: I CANT WAIT THAT LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : (

  84. kh3 is gonna b mad as plz plz plz be on ds,psp,ps3,ps2and wii

    KINGDOM HARTS ROX UR WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. VEEEEERYYYYY…. intereresting game but I want
    it in ps2 because it will be so sad for the guys,
    like me , to have the ps2 & played the kh1 & 2
    finally be in a another console.

  86. okay, this is just a message board it has nothing to do with the game makers, and i doubt that the makers will see this board, so you can say “PLZ put it on Wii, X-box, 360,” but it is simply not ganna happen. Square Enix is the games owner, persay, and they’re pretty darn exclusive with sony. welcome to all contradictions of my statement

  87. If you can’t afford a PS3 you need to get a job… Can’t believe people will pay $600 bucks on a cell phone, but not on a Console System….

    The PS3 is worth the money, and its really cheap nowadays, it’s not gonna get any cheaper… It costs less than 2 PSP’s….

    Its obviously gonna be on the PS3 cuz of the graphics/next gen console thing, and it is very likely the XBOX 360 will get it *although 360 users might need like 3 discs* considering other titles like GTA, and Devil May Cry 3 are being announcced for the 360.

  88. no man yall have to put it for all ps2,ps3, exc. That way every one can play it, because not every one has the ps3 or 360 or the wii. Like me i only have ps2 and i no alot of others who only have ps2 and love kingdom hearts but cant go out and buy a ps3 and stuff. so i say yall make it for ps2 too.

  89. ^You’re not getting KH3 on PS2. If anything you might get a port of the PSP game onto PS2. Thats a recent trend. Kingdom Hearts 3 will be on PS3 only though.

  90. What I’m saying about all this is that why wont kh3 be on ps2? You gotta think of the bigger picture. If final fantasy is on ps2 AND ps3 (and its the same creator) than why wouldnt kh3 be on ps2? more people have ps2 and they would make a BIGGER profit if it was on ps2 AND ps3. People need to think about this and actually look at the bigger picture. The gaming companies are thinking of profits not just quailty. The companies are thinking of EVERYONE not just people who have a ps3.

  91. True but KH3 for the PS3 will give everyone more incentive to buy the new console which by the way is now down to 399 at any gamestop, and you are right when you say that companies think of everyone and that includes themselves, because after the new consoles get enough owners old console games dwindle in profit and it is often actually not worth it to convert it to the old console because we are talking about a really long time until KH3(assumming it does) comes out to be sold.

  92. You do have a good point about the companies thinking about themselves and all. But come on if guitar hero is out for every console, then what makes kingdom hearts sooo different? Its just as popular. Alot of games are on different consoles and not just the newer ones. I’m just saying that if it happens not to come out on the ps2 than the companies who make the game are going to be losing quite a profit because no matter the price of the ps3 the ps2 is still pretty damn popular and i’m sure it will be for awhile longer. The PS3 might be down to 399 but that is the slimmed down version if you want something worth a damn you have to fork out over 400 to 600 dollars for it. not everyone can afford it and im pretty sure the gaming companies think about that to.For those people that say “well go get a job to afford it” some people don’t live with a rich parents anymore so they may need money for maybe i don’t know, food.

  93. ^I personally don’t have a PS3. They are indeed a ton of money, and frankly I don’t have infinite sums of cash to invest in yet another console right now. I’m just saying a game like this is something that will only be on PS3. It follows the same kind of situation Final Fantasy is in. The main games stay on the current Sony platform, while spin-offs and side stories appear on other platforms.

    In related news Final Fantasy XIII looks like it might be out in 2010. So what this means for Kingdom Hearts 3… It will be a good long while before you have to worry about getting a PS3 to play it on.

  94. man! you know what will be a good idea either they put it for all of them. or for it to stay on the ps2 becasue it won’t be fair for the people without ps3’s. everyone who played kh and kh2 should have a ps2 so they should just keep it on ps2 or they might be loseing alot of fans. I mean ppl won’t buy the ps3 for 1 game. -.- even though its the best game ever.

  95. If kh3 comes on the 360 or the wii i will be the happiest kid ever because I have both systems and the Ps3 is still alittle too exspensive and if they do make kh3 for all three systems hey square-enix will make alittle more mulla dont you think?

  96. Yes, you do have a point about all the other games on the consoles like final fantasy and stuff. But i reckon we wont know until it does finally come out.

  97. I cant belive you, you HAVE TO make KH3 for ps2 if you dont a lot of the games wont be sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  99. This trailer thing is for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep that is being released for psp. the only other kh games in progress are supposedly Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days being released for ds(it was announced at the tokyo game show). there also Kingdom Hearts Codod mobile okay. Coded has been said to only be released in Japan, but Square Enix keeps saying it’ll be released in other territories. so freak cause that pic is most def the spin-off for Birth By Sleep.

  100. Yes indeed the PS2 does need KH3, there is a problem however, it isnt going to happen. if Buttonbasher is correct on their information about Final Fantasy XIII not coming out until 2010, than i dont think KH3 being made for the PS2 will even be an option. by 2010 the PS2 will have been long dead. Not to mention that KH3 will probably come out after Final Fantasy XIII so maybe 2011? Probably later (unfortunetly) And yes it will be Sony exclusive, thus no Wii & 360 copies

  101. ok i know that all of u guys want kh3 on the ps2 or 3 but i want it on the xbox 360 and the ps2 and 3 if they did that then they would make some serious extra money and + i don’t have a ps2 but i have played kh1 and 2 and would love to play the third game






  102. oh
    well they did a pretty darn good job at showing the front and back of the game…it looks just like a real game…do a search on it

  103. Urgh, this is so frustrating!! I pretty much read this WHOLE forum thinggy in hopes that it would clear some questions that I had. NOT only did it confuse me more and brought up MORE questions…Now, I fear that I wont be playing KH3 until i’m like 40! (exagerated that) and whats with spinoffs? can’t they just make the game instead of 30 different versions on 30 different gaming systems..?, I agree on most of the arguments here… PS3’s are expensive, they will lose prohit,better grapichs, many unhappy fans, ect…ect…If I have to buy a PS3 JUST to play KH3…I most likely will…(but I wont be happy about it) I just wish things would be clearer and that there IS a game (because people keep saying there might not be or its a spinoff) and that they don’t wait until people are tired of waiting… it’s already been like what 2 years since they realeased KH2…2/half maybe…I think, they should make it on both PS2 and PS3’s…that way everyone is happy, more money for them and so on! (as already mentioned somewhere here) -sighs- they really should make it clearer for the fans, like at least confirm if there is one…or not…simple as that! everyone keeps saying different things…ak! I’m not finsihed here!! but this is long enough as it is…-_-“

  104. ^Basically what you should know is that Kingdom Hearts 3 has not yet been announced. While it might be a while, expect to hear something probably at the Tokyo Game Show this year. There are 3 separate side stories which feature Roxas and Organization XIII. While your knowledge of the events of KH3 will probably make more sense after playing these games, you’ll be fine just playing Kingdom Hearts 3. Square Enix recently said they want to release games worldwide at the same time from now on, so you might be seeing KH3 earlier than you think. Hope this helps!

  105. Awh! yes it does help!! thanks you!! I was just so mad at all this and nothing was making sense and all these rumours and GAH! But I had a moment to cool off! thanks!! and uh, Tokyo Game Show ..?! lol, what’s that! oh i’m so useless!

  106. The Tokyo Game Show is a gaming trade show in (you guessed it) Tokyo! If you know of E3 (An American Gaming Trade Show), it’s similar to that. A lot of game announcements, and hands on demos (if you’re in Tokyo of course).

    This years event is October 9 – 12. I’ll be reporting any major news that will come of out of it, so stay tuned! :)

  107. lol, I’ll try! thanks again, although I’m still not sure what you just said! awh, I have a few questions though, I hope i’m not taking up some of you’re valuble time! I and they are stupid questions! >_< I just want to know, (if you know) what gaming system they are planning on putting it on! everyone keeps saying is PS3/Wii/PSP/360…ect… It’s driving me insane! lol, also…why…is Roxas back?(stupid question!) I read in an article that he was not going to be in the next game?! =S and who are those new people GAH! you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to! these are retarded questions, Although I am curious and everywhere else I go is either bogus or complete rumours! T_T

  108. No one’s really sure about what system it will be on, but I’m pretty sure it will be on PS3. Square Enix won’t put it on PS2. As for Roxas, he’s going to be in the Side stories. It’s not sure whether he’ll be in Kingdom Hearts 3.

    The Side stories are on the Portable systems (DS, PSP, and Cell Phone).


    There will be a Kingdom Hearts 3, but nothing is really known about it yet. That’s all that’s official.

  109. So, are the side stories like gunna be other games? like for PSP’s or DS’s like everyone is talking about? because that would suck if I have to get a PSP too, T_T this is still very confusing for me,,,but i’m sure I’ll manage…it’s just there’s so many games Final mix, Coded, 358/2 and all this stuff about them that doesnt make sense! ak I don’t even know what i’m talking about anymore…oh well, i’m sure i’ll be fine if I dont know the side stories…*still confused!* lol but i’m just wasting you’re time! I’ll come back if I have any more questions that needs to be cleared up! thanks again!

  110. ^No worries. You’re not wasting my time. That’s what the comment section is for! Yeah, not playing the side stories won’t affect you in the long run. They’ll give you extra knowledge of the Kingdom Hearts story, but skipping them won’t hurt you. Sort of like, when you’re eating food. You could eat the food, and accept that it’s tasty; or you could watch the Food Network show “Unwrapped” and see how it’s made. The knowledge is cool, but not knowing how the food is made doesn’t make it un-tasty. Does that make sense?

    Feel free to ask any more questions here in the future. I’ll try to help however I can! :)

  111. No, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days doesn’t have an American release date yet, but it’s going to be out in Japan this year. Expect it in the US either late this year, or first half of next year.

  112. phew! thanks! I thought I was being a nusence to you, and you know what?! you’ve actually cleard some stuff for me!! I am greatful! Although I wish sometimes they would speed up…Oh well, beggers can’t be chosers and I can’t wait for the third game! you’ve been really helpful and I will be back for sure with more questions…Thanks!!

  113. i just saw a picture of kingdom hearts for the wii but did’nt when they showed DiZ (a.k.a Ansem) also i hope it is’nt for PS2 because i just sold mine to get some cool new games for my new PS3

  114. Hello!
    I´m a big fan of Kingdom Hearts! At now i had been played all games of this. This game is for me very important, but i have only a ps2 and ps3! Please programme for the Playstation, because Kingdom Hearts started with Playstation,when it can be ending with this.

    Thats only a preasure!

    Tank you


  115. there is no way in the universe that Kingdom Hearts 3 will come out for the psp. There is a posibility that it might come out for the 360 but not entierly. there is also a possibility that it could come out for the ps3. There is also a posibitly that it could come out for the Wii. the big possibility that is could come out for the ps2. Me personal would like to see it on the 360 but also on the ps2 because if u look at it a lot of people would like it on the console that the first to came on. so I think that it would come out for the ps2. but thats just me.

  116. hey buttonbasher, Do u really think it would come out for the 360,ps2,ps3 or Wii? i would like to see it out for the ps2 personally because even though it has been out for like over 10 years and it is one of the most played consoles out of them all. or i would like to see on the 360 because i have one and it would be cool if the creators of the kh triliogy would also combine with 360. i am a really big fan of the kh triliogy because it is a really good game i beat both kh1 and kh2 on both normal and hard and beat them in lease then 36 hours. but back to what i asked u earlier. what console do you think it would come out for? because your advice has been really helpfull and so has this website.

  117. there is no way in anyplace on earth that kingdom hearts 3 would come out for a handheld there is no way. if u look at it the big kh1 and kh2 where on ps2. the smaller kh games came out for handhelds.

    I would love to see kingdom hearts 3 out for the ps2 because it just rocks alright.

    But really why would a big sequal like kingdom hearts 3 come out on a handheld. think about it!!!!!

  118. Hi, I’m back =D

    And I have a few other questions,
    Okay so, what is the deal With this Ven character? is Roxas going to be in it too? and Are any of the Organixation 13 members going to be in it? Or Sora or Riku or Kairi or Namine?… in general…

    What exactly is Kingdom Hearts 3 about?

  119. No one really knows what the games going to be about. Ven is from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (Spin off on PSP). Roxas is in the DS spinoff too. I don’t know if we’ll see him in Kingdom hearts 3. In the end of Kingdom Hearts 2, Sora, Riku, and Kairi got a message from the King. They’re all very likely to return.

    Story-wise, we won’t know much until the first trailer.

  120. PSP?…why do they make all these different games for different handheld devices?! well, thanks once again. Although thanks again I do hope we get to see him or other members from Org.13 *hopes*


  121. it will olny come out 4 ps3 becouse of the 8cores it will run the best on it and it might have muitplayer wear player 2 is Riku

  122. Has anyone seen the trailer I have some things open to debate

    1. Who are the 3 people in the seen with the armor some say they are the Chasers what do they do?
    2. Who was the old man and what is with the ice powers
    3. Who was his ally
    3.Why does one of them look like Roxas
    4. Why does one the chasers get an evil look in his eye
    5. Why does kingdom hearts appears
    6.Before all of this what was the dead beast in the backround
    7. In the end why is King Mickey there

  123. I will post more debate topic’s in the future

    Also here are some stuff to search on Youtube
    Kingdom Hearts 3 full extended trailer [High Quality]

    And one more thing i saw the stuff here it blow my mind

    -PREVIEW- Kingdom Hearts:Birth by Sleep
    kingdom hearts 2 final mix : terra battle
    KH2FM Enigmatic Soldier Cutscene English SUB

  124. KH3 should come out for computer. That would be a good solution for the people who can’t afford/don’t want a PS3.

  125. Hey i have a questions !, Why does Ventus similar to Roxas and Why he died?…..
    Almost forgot, hey why does Terra attacking Sora in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix?, i can’t beat him he’s to strong, he’s the strongest opponent i’ve ever met !…….

  126. Why would anyone worry about the money?..The prices do fall and you DON’T have to be the first to get it…i mean its great to get it first but stupid touse so much money on a game and a console..hopfully they make it for xbox360..that would be tight but i bet they make it for ps2 and ps3…to get more money for both of the consoles..

  127. the prices may fall but that doesn’t mean that everyone has a couple $100 to spair either. I love Kingdom Hearts to death but I personally think they are making a huge mistake making it souly for ps3 if they made it for multiple gaming systems then they would boost their profit and the consoles profit and everyone will win. I do realize that making it for multiple game systems is expensive and time consuming but really if they wanted to make a lot more money they would take in the consideration of multiple consoles… thanks for listening

  128. kh3 better be for ALL GAME SYSTEMS!!!!! ILL SAY IT ONE MORE TIME ALL GAME SYSTEMS, NOT 2 BUT ALL!!!!!! ESPECIALLY PS2. you cant just make kh3/ sequel to be on another game system, because there be no point in selling a sequel for another game system you be letting a lot of people down, so please just leave it for the ps2 and maybe put it on the wii and 360. im not wasting my money on a ps3 for one game. PLEASE LET IT BE FOR PS2!!! I BEG OF YOU. IF U PPL MAKE IT 4 PS3 UR GOING TO BE LETTING A LOT OF PEOPLE DOWN, EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR THE LAST KINGDOM HEARTS. AND WHAT PAIGE SAID IF THEY MAKE KH3 FOR ALL SYSTEMS ALL THE GAME MAKERS WILL MAKE MONEY SO PLEASE, MAKE IT FOR ALL GAME SYSTEMS!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can’t wait for this kh3 game to be on ps2 its gonna be sweet, unless of course its for ps3

  129. o god plz ps2!! im gonna flip if its not 4 ps2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  130. one question, after ypu beat kh2 what r u supposed 2 do when it shows ur stats? is there like a trailer er somethin? cuz im lost?

  131. and also what other ppl have been sayin about kh3 u cant have a sequel b on a different consol b cuz it doesnt make any sense!!!!!!!

  132. ^The secret ending is only unlocked after 100% completion. Not sure about the Ultima Keyblade. As for a sequel being on a different console, Halo 3, Devil May Cry 4, Silent Hill 5, Resident Evil 4 & 5, and hundreds of others say hi.


  134. k so, first of all, ppl u really need to understand and come to the realization that it will not come on to PS2, the creator already said that he no longer will be making games for that consol, second… Within the next 2 years u r gonna have to buy a blue ray player anyway to play dvd’s and ps3 has that capability, so buying a ps3 is only gonna help u cause its getting 2 needs in 1 system!!!! so really by the time KH3 comes out, the system will be cheaper, and u’ll need it anyways…so stop complaining about it coming out for PS2 already, its not going to happen, and by that time u guys will be able to afford the new system!!! ^_^ cheer up, the game will be much better on PS3!!!

  135. no ur lieing u didn’t talk 2 the creator it’s gonna come on the ps2 AND ps3 bcuz ps2 an ps3 r made from the same company. it’s only gonna come out 4 ps2 an ps3. every1 else is just making stuff up 2 scare every1.

  136. if there gonna have it on ps3 they have to have it on xbox 360 because the first two were on ps2 and the changed it to ps3 why can’t they do the same for xbox 360…it’s plain to see xbox 360 is more popular than ps3 RIGHT NOW so why not put it on a console that everybody actually has and get more sells than to put it on a console hardly anybody has and get less sells and plus xbox 360 is gonna stay popular waaaay longer than ps3 will…because everybody’s gonna get bored of ps3 and their just gonna make a new so it’s pointless to only have it on ps3.

  137. first of all, its goin 2 b on ps2 AND ps3. secondly it MIGHT b on 360 or wii but i think i no its going 2 b on 360 also.

  138. AND I STILL NEED TO KNOW HOW TO GET 7 ORICHALUM +!!!!!!!!! CUZ I REALLY WANT THE ULTIMA KEYBLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. Eu vou contar uma história : eu tinha ido na entrada da casa do Hades . Auron me perguntou por que eu tinha ido até lá . Eu respondi que eu queria encher o saco do deus dos mortos , para que ele não tentasse fazer mal a ninguém . Hades não pôde fazer nada , pois eu teria dois aliados : Hércules e Auron . Eu gostei das técnicas de Auron . Nós não queríamos matar o cão Cérbero , só queríamos sair do mundo dos mortos . Sabe o que eu achei : achei que aquele cão é muito fraco . Ele luta muito mal . Aquele Cérbero que eu tinha visto , no seriado do Hércules , era bem mais forte . O que eu posso fazer se o sobrinho do Hércules , de nome Jolaus , estava junto com ele ? Quando eu iria lutar com a Hidra , Hércules ficou me assistindo . Eu e meus amigos fizemos de tudo , para que a Hidra fosse derrotada . Quando a Hidra foi derrotada , nós conversamos com o Hércules . Meg disse que teria um torneio , que o Hércules não poderia participar . Eu tinha dito que eu poderia ajudar o Hércules a ganhar o troféu . Ele disse que iria agradecer , se eu ganhasse o troféu .

  140. i finally got the ultima keyblade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. why its stuppid every kh fan have a playstation 2 and every kh fan will kingdom hearts birth by sleep and the game on the playstation 3 cost 65,- thats not normal. and the most fans of kingdom hearts 3 says its rare to make a kh 3 on the psp its a small screen and on the playstation 2 looks it better i think this is a stuppid move Square Enix the most one have a playstation 2 please make it for the playstation 2

  142. yess marluxiamaster that is the reason i will not buy kingdom hearts 3 also he comes for the playstation 2 the most fans have a playstation 2 pleasesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss make the game kingdom hearts 3 for the playstation 2 they will make winst and thats why pleases make it for the playstation 2 look some people have a psp wii and playstation 3 but than you can make it for playstation 2

  143. finally more ppl get it IT IS GOING 2 B ON PS2 having it on psp would b the dumbest thing bcuz its such a small screen


  145. 1 more thing 2 in the secret ending trailer wats it mean by “Birth by sleep?” cuz i got all the other stuff but that last thing.

  146. ^Kingdom Hearts 3 – PS3

    Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (Trailer you saw in the Secret Ending)- PSP

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days -DS

    I get that a lot of people want to see it on PS2, but a lot more people want to have a better game by having it on PS3. Kingdom Hearts 2 pushed the limits of the PS2, so in a world where KH3 is on PS2, it would pretty much be the same as KH2. Do you really want that? Or would you rather an expansive world, with realistic graphics, excellent sound, and an overall larger game than is possible on PS2? It’s not as simple as Square-Enix making it and then saying “Hmm. Which system should we put this on?”.

    The point is, those of you asking for it to be one PS2, are more or less asking for a game that isn’t as good as it can be.

    It’ll be on PS3.

  147. i can’t believe i’m gonna say this but……ur wrong !!!!!!! thats not true if they put it on ps2 and ps3 they get 2x the money!!!!! and no its not gonna be like kh2 . ur jus like the other ppl tryin 2 get every1 scared and lose hope AND so they would waste their money 4 a system 4 1 game the wanna play!!!! and its not the console that creates the better graphics it’s how well the company makes the graphics on the cmp then how they put it on the game/ cd. the consoles only help to make sure u play it. i can’t believe u ppl.

  148. plus like i said b4 the ps2 is pretty much waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more popular than the ps3. ps2 is tied with the 360. i mean jus look at the some of the older games that u might still have 4 the ps2 and 360 and check out the graphics then play some of the new games that just came out. compare the graphics then. it’s the console its how well these companys create the games like i said b4.

  149. also more ppl would rather have kh3 on the ps2 bcuz wat if they cant aford the ps3. they wont b able to play the game they wanted 2 play and experience the final battle. so if they do make kh3 4 the ps2, ppl that have the ps3 CAN PLAY KH3 ON THE PS3!!!!!! IT’S NOT THAT HARD 2 UNDERSTAND. ATLEAST I NO WAT I’M TALKING ABOUT.

  150. in my last comment (#322) i meant to say the CD.
    and yes more ppl would want it on the ps2 bcuz some ppl can’t afford the ps3. and 4 the ppl that do have the ps3, if kh3 comes out 4 the ps2 they can put the game in the ps3 and IT WILL STILL WORK.

  151. Nate, srsly dod, tun dwn teh suk, u hve no clue wut u r evn tlkin bot. KH3 shold relse on teh ps3 becuse ps2 toaly sukz. PS3 SELLS MORE THEN PS2 ON THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  153. i can’t believe u ppl……………..u ppl always have 2 argue 2 get ur point across……. u ppl make me SICK!!!!!!!!!!1

  154. ^Sorry you feel that way Nate. I’ll make sure to send a link to the Kingdom Hearts 3 on PS3 announcement to your email address when it’s made. I look forward to our conversation then bro.

    It’s not if, it’s when.

    Also since you found the last youtube link funny:
    Check This out

  155. lol. sweet thanksbut it’s just that im a huge fan of kh that i don’t want 2 waste my money on a ps3 if it does come out 4 that.

  156. not really. its just that i heard that the ps3 harddrive is REALLLLY bad. i heard that if u play it 2 much the harddrive burns out and then it’s ruined. but no kh isn’t the only game i like 4 ps3. i played heavenly sword which is AWESOME and wicked bloody!!!!

  157. ^ No. The Playstation 3 is more powerful in regards to processor power. What does that mean? It means the worlds can be larger, and more detailed. Also the disc itself can hold 50GB of data compared to the 9GB PS2 discs can hold. That means PS3 games can be more detailed, longer, and bigger. The scale in Kingdom Hearts 2 is limited by load times.

    Imagine if when you go to the main city in Kingdom Hearts 3, there are hundreds of people exploring the huge city, and it’s all open to you. No more wandering sections of empty streets, you can now explore the entire populated city, with no load times.

    If you recall the 1000 Heartless battle, you must have noticed that there are invisible walls holding most of them back, so in reality only fighting 10-15 at a time. On PS3 you could take them all on at once, or perhaps maybe even 1 million heartless.

    The point is PS2 games are very limited by the disc space. On PS3 games can be much bigger game wise. PS2 is like a bike, to the PS3’s hot rod.

  158. o. cuz kh usually comes out every 3 years . so i would say like sometime in either late october, or sometime in november. but if i did want a ps3 cuz i have a ps2. what would b the best way to sell it. would it b better on ebay, or at some game store?

  159. what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no way it can’t take that long!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Square_Enix here, the dates for KH-3 is early January 2009, count on it, and to answer every one’s question, it will be on the PS3, the PS3 offer more potential, and for the PS2 fans, yes it will be on it as well, but do invest in the PS3, Square_Enix…

  161. SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT WOULD B ON BOTH PS2 AND PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TY SONY U ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  162. ^You do know that that wasn’t Sony right? For one he can’t decide if he’s Sony or Square Enix. Secondly I doubt Sony/S-E would be using a Hotmail email under the name of Nicholas. Sorry, but it’s back to normal world where it’s only on PS3.

  163. It should be on ps2 and ps3.

    There are MANY people that have bought the ps3, but there are MANY people who still have a ps2 and cannot afford a ps3 despite all of its qualities and how its worth every penny.

    It wouldn’t be fair at all.

  164. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I’VE BEEN TRYIN 2 TELL EVERY1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT NOBODY WOULD AGREE WITH ME!! NOT EVEN BUTTONBASHER!!! ty Julie. plus my friend said that ps3 is EXACTLY LIKE PS2. the only difference is that ps3 plays movies and games in hd that’s the only difference.

  165. Your welcome, Nate =]

    If they just made it for PS3, their sales would MOST LIKELY fall, or they lowered the prices for a ps3, but I don’t see myself buying a ps3 in the future.

    Plus, they’re the same, basically.

    I think Square Enix should do some reasearch or a survey at least to predict how their sales would be.

  166. yea me neither. like what u said they’re basically the same exact thing. but don’t get ur hopes up ALL the game companys r technically in it only 4 the money. they don’t care wat ppl think, until, they get sued lol.

  167. ………hmmmmmm……… it’s true that it’s a rumour b cuz they’re working on final fantasy games and they don’t know wat it’s gonna b on. but i have a really strong fealing that it’s gonna b on ps2. this will probably b the last kh game on ps2. put it is gonna b on ps3 an psp also.

  168. ^ No, you said that you think Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the last one PS2. Thing is, Kingdom Hearts 3 won’t be on the PS2. So the last PS2 Kingdom Hearts game will either be Kingdom Hearts 2, or maybe they’ll decide to port the PSP game Birth by Sleep to PS2.

  169. i still don’t think that that is true. it would have 2 b on the ps2 an ps3. i mean look at final fantasy there on the ps2 an theres like wat 13 or 14 of them 4 ps2. i still think it’s gonna b on ps2.

  170. ^Final Fantasy XIII is on PS3. Kingdom Hearts is a trilogy. They haven’t been able to do Pixar movies in KH games because the system wasn’t powerful enough. They’re out of popular Disney movies. They make games for PS3 now. They’re making KH3. KH3 for PS3. We’re roughly 1 month away from this being confirmed.

  171. HOLY crap you guys are noobs why would you want it on ps2. The game would be the exact same quality as KH2 so it wouldnt be very lame. Ps3 isnt the same its graphics and AI are like 10 times better and ps2 hardly has physics incorporated into the games. Ps2 is like 9 years old just buy a ps3 you cheapskates… Honestly ps3 kh3s gameplay will be on par with the cutscenes at the beginning and end of KH2.. thats how good it is. Also if they made it for both systems that would make it take even longer to come out and plus it could result in a a slightly worse ps2 version. Honestly ps2 is so outdated when i got on here i thought everyone was on crack lol just buy a ps3 when kh3 comes out. itll probably be like 300$ and also get FFXIII versus its made by the KH team except its a more mature story with no disney characters which i think is cool

  172. nate and julia are noobs try gta 4 cod4 or mgs4(yes all 4s) they look incredible whereas ps2 games nothing looks real and there is no texture work… btw ps3 also allows you to browse internet, buy stuff like rock band songs from ps store and also you have a friends list (playstation network) <<not on ps2
    you can also charge ipods with it lol yes it is hd and you get to play oblivion which is one of the most amazing rpgs ever. I could go on forever its better in every possible way and if you hurry up or get one off ebay you can get a ps3 that can ps2 games also because soon they are going to completely get rid of that feature on new ps3s so you guys are uneducated NOOBS get a ps3 they pwn even if it takes you like 2 years to save u p your allowance

  173. ok, 1st of all ur the noob gsdxcv. 2nd u have no life. 3rd this isn’t about all the “kwl” games u have it’s about kh3 so save ur crap on some ather sight an GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus were jus gettin some ideas about wat kh3 would b on. it might b on ps2 we DON’T KNOW YET. it will b on ps3 4 a fact. an lastly there is a chance that kh3 will b on the psp cuz lot’s of ppl have it and it’s kinda new an cheap which ppl can afford instead of buyin ps3 4 possibly 1 game that every1 likes!!!!!!1

  174. Pingback: » Comment on Kingdom Hearts 3 to be shown at TGS by Gsdxcv » Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 4

  175. Pingback: » Comment on Kingdom Hearts 3 to be shown at TGS by » Comment on … » Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 4

  176. dude shut up!!!!!! basher u no how u said there rn’t any popular disney movies out. that’s true which is y the kh games r only gonna b based on final fantasy.

  177. yh but i saw some image somewere that showed 1 of the chasers and his helmet was split in half a little bit. so it “has” 2 b from final fantasy games, or it’s some1’s nobody. but wat i think i have a good idea about is that maicifent and pete r goin 2 b in there. then probably malecifent get’s another heartless army xcept this time they’re even stronger. that’s wat i THINK

  178. and maybe riku has a nobody. an riku might somehow disapear. BUT I CAN’T SIT AROUND THINKING AND W8ING I WANT IT 2 COME OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  179. ^I’m not sure I even know what you said, but a quick google search revealed that Chasers appear to be the dudes from Birth By Sleep. Birth by Sleep takes place a long time before the current Kingdom Hearts games.

  180. birth by sleep is kh chain of memories then? i’m kinda lost cuz i didn’t finish the 1st 1 i just started it then i whent 2 kh2

  181. ok now i’m REALLY lost. the secret ending in kh2 can’t b about king micky getting the keyblade. it’s about those chasers i thought

  182. Don’t call me a noob you ass.

    I’m a girl that has an open mind and thinking about the other gamers that CAN’T afford a ps3.

    It’s highly unlikly though that it won’t be on the ps2. Because FF games are being switched to ps3.

    Plus, KH3 won’t come out for another year or so, so maybe we’ll see some ‘used’ ps3’s on the shelves at EB games or so?

    Or just get a job.

    And don’t call me a fucking noob when you don’t even know who I am.

    Know someone before you make judgements. Most people don’t seem to have any respect for anyone anymore.

  183. ^ I agree with your points in regards to the PS3 lowering in price by the time the game actually comes out. Final Fantasy XIII was announced in 2006, and is coming out in the US in 2010. Kingdom Hearts 3 hasn’t been announced. Yeah…

  184. i highly agree with julie. aaaaggggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look wat this freakin website is doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KH3 IS COMING OUT SOMETIME IN 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIKE MID JANUARY-EARLY FEBRUARY. I know this bcuz kh comes out evey 3 yrs. kh3 is not going 2 have anymore disney characters. there going 2 have donald, goofy, king micky, pete, malecifent, daisy,queen miny, and chip and dale. everythin else is from final fantasy. i’m not sayin i’m right i’m just thinking about all this stuff b cuz i’m goin 2 b a videogame desighner in like 10 yrs may b less idk.

  185. ^ You’re entitled to your thoughts, but there is no way Kingdom Hearts 3 will be out in early 2009, regardless of what system it’s on (although it is PS3 ;) ). Let me remind you that it’s nearing Late 2008, and the game hasn’t been announced yet. KH2 came out 3 years after KH1 because they were both on PS2. With KH3 being on PS3 it will take longer to develop.

  186. how do u know ur rite tho? it sounds like ur just making it up. kh3 doesn’t necessaraly mean that it’s going 2 b on ps3. and maybe i am rong that it mite b coming out in early er perhaps l8 2009.

  187. but i’m not really that worried about kh3 yet. i’m just wonderin how the star wars force unleahed game is gonna b. i saw the previews 4 it and. it. was. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. Sorry, Nate, but I highly doubt KH3 is coming out early next year.

    If that were the case, it would already be showcased around the globe. And we wouldn’t be having this lonnggg discussion of when it’s coming out.

  189. theres a small chance that it will b on the ps2. but kh3 is commi out sometime in 2010. by then the ps3 should b lowered in price by maybe 50 er 100 bucks.

  190. I FINALLY SAW THE KH3 TRAILER ON YOUTUBE. IT’S FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is definatley ps3 quality right there. I changed my mind it’s going 2 b on ps3 for sure now.

  191. it was the high quality vid of kh3. also 2 answer some questions on who every1 is (at least wat i think anyway)

    1) the profesor is or was a member of org 13 i think

    2) the heartless is 1 of his experaments

    3) the professors ice power is magic

    4) the beast in the background is the xemnas’s nobody ship er dragon er somethin like that.

    5) i think the 1 dude that got frozen looks like roxas but i don’t think it is. i think it’s that 1 dude frome kh1 who had that red stick on destiny island

    this is all wat i think anyway. they may b rite or wrong idk. but the 1 chaser who had that beserker looking keyblade he looks angry bcuz the professor killed 1 of his friends (the blonde chaser) but otherwise the game looks sweet. and micky was in there bcuz it’s supposidly when he get’s his 1st keyblade which is starseeker. we’ll jus have 2 c. but some of this stuff is wat buttonbasher was sayin. i’m jus tryin 2 put it together a little bit

  192. i 4 got 1 more answer to # 267 the 5th question. the answer i think is that he oppened it bcuz he was a member of organization 13 but he turned against them and maybe started his own research.

  193. 1 of the chasers name is arcus. i found this in google images in case any1 was wondering. sorry 4 me postin so many coments. i’m jus a huge kh fan. i’m NOT A BIG NERD

  194. ^There is no trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 yet Nate. It hasn’t been announced. What ever you saw isn’t Kingdom Hearts 3. Feel free to link to what ever you saw, so we can help explain what it is.

  195. it is kh3i saw it on youtube. just type in kingdom hearts 3 (high quality) and it will come up it’s like a 4 er 5 minute video i swear.

  196. ^It’s not that confusing really.

    Kingdom Hearts 3 has not been announced yet. There is not media for it, which includes trailers. Once it gets announced expect someone here to link to more info.

    There are 3 new KH games 1 coming to the DS, 1 to PSP, and one to cell phones. The PSP one was teased in the Kingdom Hearts 2 secret ending (which gets passed off as a Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer quite often).

  197. w8, so when is the kh coming out 4 the psp? or was it just a teaser. but i also found out that the 3 chasers of light r the chasers of the memories of xenahort i think b4 he turned in 2 a nobody.

  198. AGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T W8 ANYMORE WHEN R THEY GOIN 2 SAY THE RELEASE DATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  199. button basher go to this website: this site explains that the next kh is a spinoff which u probably already know. but it also shows that the new kh was supposed 2 b announced in 2007 at the tokyo gameshow. plus the 3 knights in the extended trailer in kh2 have been announced 2. “the male that was frozen is ven which means air. the female is aqua means water. and the last knight they don’t know yet.” i got this information at the website i stated below. and yes it’s in quotes.

  200. final fantasy 13 was gonna be ps3 exclusive but they announced it’ll be out on 360 aswell
    now i expect theyll do the same with kh3
    i doubt it will come out on ps2 because, like with final fantasy, square enix have started moving on to next-gen consoles
    the psp game is about terra, ven and aqua chasing xehonort and his apprentice i think
    they said its split into 3 campaign modes for each chaser
    mickey will obviously be a major character but i dont think the game is about histraining with yen-sid

  201. well obviously it WILL b on the new gen consoles but final fantasy is nothing like kh. kh is about disney with SOME final fantasy characters that go around to diff worlds to rid the world of evil which r also known as heartless and nobodys

  202. hey button basher did u hear that there is a new kh game comming out 4 the ps2 on 12/8/08 its called “kingdome hearts re:chain of memories” no lie u can check out; then type in the kingdom hearts re chain of memories

  203. ^Yeah, it’s a remake of the Gameboy Advanced game. It uses cards to battle though, so it’s not quite as action packed. Still worth checking out for the story though (bridges the gap between Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2).

  204. not that i mind it being between kh1 an kh2, but if kh3 was 2 come out 4 360 or ps3 which 1 would b better? an isn’t the new kh comming out 4 the psp sometime in 2009?

  205. you guy/girls are really duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumb. listen kh3 will be on the ps3 bcause the fillers kh birth by sleep will be on PSP will come out summer 2009, kh 365/2 will bee for DS it will come out feb 2009, and kh coded will be on cell phone and they havent made an anousedmet yet. And KH 3 i repeat KH 3 will come out 2010 get that!!!!!!!!! write it!!!!!!! any question send me a comment…. also in KH3 sora get a new suit and he is 16/17/ or 18 around that time

  206. also it wont be for PS2 because there going to stop making games for PS2 and stoping the production of ps2,s at after christmas 2009 because they want people to buy PS3 but they have chain of memories coming out for PS2 this will be the last KH game for the PS2 and ill come out december 9 2008. sorry about the ps2 but thats what there going to do also because of that there lowering the price of the PS@ to $100 at christmas so good luck….

  207. also it wont be for PS2 because there going to stop making games for PS2 and stoping the production of ps2,s at after christmas 2009 because they want people to buy PS3 but they have chain of memories coming out for PS2 this will be the last KH game for the PS2 and ill come out december 9 2008. sorry about the ps2 but thats what there going to do also because of that there lowering the price of the PS2 to $100 at christmas so good luck….

  208. firstly a new ps2 is being released in 2009 (a sad last effot) kh (the best games ever) are comeing out betweem 2009 and 2011 kh 365/2 Is comeing out almost 100% in 2009 it is roxes story with the other organisation xiii crew kh3 will be on bot ps3 and xbox360 due to the publication rights however xbox has got ff’s rights alread mabey kh to follow

  209. ok i have been saying that they will put kh3 on the ps3 after i read sopmething on this 1 website. sora will b 17 then. and im pretty sure there not making another ps2. there done with that they have moved on 2 the ps3. the want 2 do this because they want the profit. they sony and square enix will do anything 2 get the money. btw kh games r awesome!!!!. i really hope they lower the price b4 2010. but that newer kh re chain of memories looks bad because u use cards 2 att but that my own opinion.

  210. if u mean me know im not crazy. b 4 i thought they would put it on ps2 an ps3 but they mite not cuz the ps3 will b selling faster if the prices go down or if its a holiday like christmas or after. but i still want 2 know when the release date is.

  211. yea. but were has buttonbasher been cuz i need 2 know when kh3 is comming out, or if there’s a release date set.

  212. figured. looks like a good game. i also saw that they have kh 258/2 days out 4 the ds like 4 days ago. and i take it it talks about organization 13.

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