Starcraft 2 virtually confirmed

Blizzard has a big announcement on the way, and I think it’s Starcraft 2.


It’s basically a different look on a countdown clock.

Now goto

The announcement will happen on May 19th

Could Ghost be 2?



17 thoughts on “Starcraft 2 virtually confirmed

  1. Speaking of which, whatever happened to Starcraft Ghost? ANd for that matter again, i heard tell about a World Of Starcraft, wassup with that?

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  3. Well its been annoucned anddd GO BLIZZARD UR AWESOME I LOVE STARCRAFT I HOPE IT COMES OUT SOON :) well that sucks that ghost never came out it looks good :/

  4. im pretty sure that they wont make starcraft ghost!
    and it will not be an world of starcraft for a very long time.
    but starcraft 2 will be great. like the first one but with better graphic and some new army´s.
    it got to be awsome!
    go for it blizzard

  5. Ive been waiting soooo long for starcraft 2, I cant believe ill finally be playing it soon. It will be the best game on pc EVER! :)

    Nice blog, I bookmarked it and will be subscribing to your posts, keep up the good work :D

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