Halo 3 is Go!

At 7am EST on May 16th, every owner of Crackdown (or anyone that got lucky with contests) will have the option to download the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta. This will mark the first time the public will be able to play Halo 3. Halo 3 marks the end of the epic trilogy.

The beta includes 3 maps.

Valhalla- the spiritual follow up to Blood Gulch, and Coagulation, ‘but this is a far different beast.’

Snowbound- a smaller map that is best suited for Slayer matches.

Highground- a ‘beach to base’ map similar to Zanzibar. Great for CTF matches.

Bungie has a full Beta guide here, or if you prefer your info with a taste of humor, on the Xbox Live Marketplace you can download Red vs. Blue’s “PSA: Halo 3 Beta”.

I’ll be downloading it and be playing after 3:30PM EST tomorrow. If you are in the beta, post your gamertag in the comment section of the Online page and we can all play together!

This is the way the world begins to end!



Starcraft 2 virtually confirmed

Blizzard has a big announcement on the way, and I think it’s Starcraft 2.

Goto Blizzard.com

It’s basically a different look on a countdown clock.

Now goto Starcraft2.com

The announcement will happen on May 19th

Could Ghost be 2?