Ninja Gaiden Sigma Preview

Looks like having a PS3 has its advantages. I just downloaded the demo for Ninja Gaiden Sigma off the PS3 store (FOR FREE). Now, before this, I had never played a single Ninja Gaiden game but I must say I am thoroughly impressed.

So obviously the graphics are amazing. HD TV or not, you will be drooling on this thing. For never playing a Ninja Gaiden game before, I found the controls very easy to figure out. I was slashing people up in under a minute of dropping into the level. This game is pretty acrobatic. Even near the end of the level I was still finding new combos and moves to pull off. Slash this guy-run up wall-slam ground on next guy-shoot fire-go into upper cut-slash some more-throw shirukins-end with slash combo. The possibilities seemed limitless. One thing I didn’t like so far was the camera. But since it was self controlled, it was probably my fault it didn’t work. The level in the demo was short but sweet and I will greatly consider renting if not buying this game when it comes out. Look for my review after the release of Ninja Gaiden Sigma.



Microsoft’s newest employee Pac-Man!

To advertise the Pac Man World Championship thing on Xbox Live, Microsoft has been making some videos using Microsoft employees, and a Pac Man Costume. Some are pretty funny:

^That’s a burn.

Xbox’s Peter Moore gets angry.

The rest can be viewed here