Splinter Cell Conviction Details (UPDATE with scans)

We know a little bit about Splinter Cell Conviction (AKA Splinter Cell 5) from the extra mission at the end of Double Agent, and the Ubisoft leak of last year. Now we have some sold info. GamersReports reports:

The game takes place in broad daylight this time, but don’t worry, it is still a stealth action game. At the beginning of the game, Sam learns that Anna Grimsdottir (Anna is the person in charge of intelligence gathering for Third Echelon, and an old friend of Sam’s) is in danger so Sam joins up with Third Echelon once more in order to help. Unfortunately, 3E is not what it used to be, and Sam frequently gets incomplete and bad intel, as well as the wrong equipment. All this, and the 3E bosses are in the middle of a political squabble for control. Sam eventually finds out that the threat is actually coming from inside Third Echelon itself, so he leaves and basically becomes a fugitive. Looks like Sam is on the wrong side of the law once more, this time for real.

So it’s more Jason Bourne, Less Tom Cruise. It’ll be cool to change things dramatically. Daylight mission can definitely work, as seen in Double Agents final levels. Lets hope we have another hit!

UPDATE: Have some scans!



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