Halo 3 leak (May 3, 2007)

Todays Halo 3 leak is in YouTube format. Five Videos. All of which appear to be done by camera phone, with a shaky grip (or maybe the player was being violently shaken by someone…I’m not sure).

They show off what appears to be a new map, the M6D pistol, and maybe this portable turret thing we’ve been hearing about. I can’t tell whats going on in the videos.

Maybe if you have your own Mechanical Bull to ride, you could sync up with the spasms in the video and be able to see something going on. If not you may want to avoid these unless you want a bad headache.

They’re all here if you can stand it

EDIT: Actually this one is worth watching:

When you pick up the portable Turret, you go third person?!



One thought on “Halo 3 leak (May 3, 2007)

  1. man thats a %^&$# video its got like nothing that is new to halo 3 the turret is the only thing but that could have been a idea for halo 1

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