Afterthoughts: Video Games Live

On Thursday night I was lucky enough to attend Video Games Live preformed by the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. I had watched many of the YouTube videos of performances, but the real thing is more of an experience than a concert. Here’s how it all went down.

I had bought my tickets online, had my camera, cell phone, DS, wallet, and some CD’s with me. Everything was set. I was ready to head out the door, when I passed a clock that read 4:30 PM. Concert starts at 7PM…

I decided I’d play some games, so I clicked on the TV. The news was on the TV, but what caught my eye was the weather alert in the top left corner of the screen. It read TORNADO WATCH, and had the entire state highlighted.

5:55PM- Pick up friend and begin drive to Mershon Auditorium.

6:20PM- Arrive at Mershon.

After stepping in, and drying off from the heavy rain, my friend Dan entered the Guitar Hero II tournament. The song was You Really Got Me on Medium. He walked away with a 98%. I laughed.

After wandering around aimlessly for a couple minutes. we decided to check out where our seats were. I bought the 35$ “Lower Level Limited View” seats, so I wasn’t expecting them to be that good. Here’s where were seated.

After freaking out that these were the cheap seats, the costume contest began:

From left to right: Girl from FFXII, Moogle, Minish, Mario, and Miles Edgeworth from Phoenix Wright. I cheered loudest for Edgeworth, but he was the first out. I tried to catch him after the show but he escaped before I had the chance. Shame…the costume was awesome (the same cannot be said for my camera phone).

A poem then came up on the screen:

Roses are FFO OOO (red in HTML)

Violets are 660 0FF (blue in HTML)



The crowd lol’d.

Soon the show began with a classic game tribute.

Other music featured in Act 1: Metal Gear, God of War, Myst, Medal of Honor, Civilization IV (Baba Yetu, and yes I think I did cry), and Mario.

Intermission had some awesome music playing over the speakers. Katamari remix, and some killer techno of some kind.

Act 2 had most of the songs I was looking forward too. Halo, Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, etc.

If you recall, VGL at Yale, had Martin Leung playing Castlevania on a 100 year old Pipe Organ? You can check that out here, but we were lucky enough to be treated to the same thing (only replace 100 years old with 3 storys tall). Martin was just amazing. His fingers are faster than Sonic the Hedgehog. His Final Fantasy piece was so amazing, fast, and moving, it received a much deserved standing ovation.

The Halo piece was introduced by special guest, Halo composer Micheal Salvatori. He got the audience to do the Halo chant, which was amazing. By the time the orchestra got to the Halo 3 portion, everyone was standing. When the forerunner structure activated on screen, the lights became so bright, it created the sensation that we were there.

After the show there was a Meet and Greet with Michael Salvatori, Martin Leung, Jack Wall (conductor/composer), and Tommy Tallarico. I asked Micheal Salvatori about the Pimps at Sea soundtrack (he looked confused). I got him to sign my CD, and Game.

and then I snapped a picture with him (check out the flash on my camera!)

Overall the experience was 100% better than listening to the music on a PC. It’s an experience more than it is a concert. If it comes to your town, then you really should go!

Thanks for coming to Columbus, VGL! Come back again sometime!



2 thoughts on “Afterthoughts: Video Games Live

  1. That looked like a great concert. You sure had a great time. Do you think you would ever go to another one if they came back around here?

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