New Halo 3 campaign tidbits, and Marty LIVE

Geekdad got to visit Bungie, and recorded a bit of dialogue for Halo 3. You can check out the readup at the link, but there’s something just awesome. Scans of the script!

Scan 1

Scan 2

Read through those, and speculate. I noticed key terms such as:

-Marine “Yes, Sargeant! Roger that! On it!”

-Marine “I’m sure Commander Keyes has a plan…”

-During Explosions above: “Wonder if anyone knows we’re down here…” “Brutes can’t smell through rock, can they?” “Think all the Pelicans got away?”

-Marines (distant): (sounds of Flood possession)

-Fighter Pilot: Seraphs! On my Six!

Okay. The first 2 quotes indirectly confirm that the Arbiter is back. While Master Cheif is heading to earth, the Arbiter is on Delta Halo with Commander Keyes and Sarge. The bombing part must be the civil war raging between the Elites, and Brutes. The Arbiter might not be fighting because he was aware of the true intentions of the Prophets, and had lost all faith in the Covenant. So basically the Arbiter is back, and hopefully the game will start with him. My dream opening has the “tutorial/intro” level being handled by the Arbiter, and everyone trying to escape. Then after that, you see the grand entrance of Master Cheif. Okay, back on track. The Flood mention could be contained on Delta Halo, and get that part out of the way at the beginning, because if the Flood come to Earth, we’re all screwed amirite? I think the Fighter Pilot mention means that the UNSC C-709 Longsword Interceptors could possibly be flown by the player.

Whoo… So much speculation! So long to wait! Oh well. At least we have a huge first taste on what one aspect of the story might be.

(^ C-709 Longsword Interceptor from Halo CE)

And Geekdad also grabbed a video of Marty O’Donnell playing and explaining the Halo 3 trailer music:



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