Bioshock Collectors Edition is Awesome

For most collectors editions, you might get an extra disc with a short DVD or something like that. For 70 dollars, It’s not a big enough extra to convince me to buy. But if done right, I would totally drop 70 bones on something good. And boy, is this good.

The fans made a petition to make a Bioshock Collectors Edition, and 2K didn’t just listen, but they asked what the fans wanted in it! Here’s what’s included:

  • the requisite “making of” DVD (Okay!)
  • the soundtrack CD (Awesome!)
  • a Big Daddy figurine (The Best!)
  • Metal Game case (designed by fans!)

I already wanted Bioshock, but for all thats included for 10 extra bucks makes this a must have.

Plus I want a statue of this guy on my desk:

Mmm. August can’t come any faster!



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