Gamehead to visit 42 Entertainment! UPDATE!

Remember Ilovebees? How about Hex168? Buttonbasher remembers. And Buttonbasher totally was into them. That’s why I’m stoked about tonights episode of Game Head on SpikeTV.

Game Head goes to Pasadena to experience a new type of gaming with 42 Entertainment, creators of the popular “I Love Bees” an ARG promoting the release of Halo 2. They help us to define what an ARG really is, explain how they used cemeteries all over the world as poker engines, and what the hell crop circles have to do with the launch of the XBOX360. Curious if there is a Halo 3 ARG in the works… if anyone knows how to keep a secret, it’s the puppeteers.

Watch the show closely… There may be something you are missing….

Plus! GameTrailers goes on location to NYC Comic Con to take a look at “The Darkness” and downloads a world premiere trailer for Ninja Gaiden Sigma!

And last but not least, we cover the Guitar Hero II Jamfest where five virtual gunslingers compete for a customized XBOX 360 GH2 guitar and the right to rock out with Gene Simmons.

It’s all this Friday Night @1am – On Spike!

Also featured in this episode:
MLB 2K7 (2K SPORTS, PS3/360)
GUITAR HERO II (RedOctane/Activision, X360)

Check out tonights episode, and catch up on 42 Entertainment’s past works here.

UPDATE: You can view the episode here. The episode is awesome, and totally worth watching.



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