Guitar Hero III to feature Online Multiplay, Wireless Guitar, Touch Control!

There’s a great interview at Gamespot that sheds some light on the Guitar Hero making process. But more importantly, it gives us some Guitar Hero 3 news!

GS UK: What can you tell us so far about Guitar Hero III?

KH: Guitar Hero III is being developed by Neversoft, which is an internal Activision developer. They’re one of the best Activision developers, if not one of the best developers in the world, having had a tremendous amount of success with the Tony Hawk franchise, and they’ve been working on Guitar Hero III now. We don’t have any announcements yet about what features are going specifically into Guitar Hero III, but Neversoft is focusing on online play, of course, and that includes both co-op and competitive modes. We’re looking at more downloadable content, and more music, because we know that’s one of the things the fans want--as soon as they finish playing Guitar Hero, they want more music. And then we’re really focusing on features that will make the multiplayer experience, not online, but the offline multiplayer experience a lot more fun.

GS UK: Can you confirm platforms and dates?

KH: Guitar Hero III will be launching at the end of this year, and it’s going to be launching on all platforms, so that will be Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii, and the PS2. We’re actually also looking at a DS version, for early next year.


I have an awesome idea in my head as to Guitar Hero DS would work. Mmm. Amplitude with a stylus!



8 thoughts on “Guitar Hero III to feature Online Multiplay, Wireless Guitar, Touch Control!

  1. No, no, no!!! Ds is an awful system! PSP is way, way better quality and now that is cheaper its a bargain.Come on people DS? PFFT!! Whatever! Sell that piece of crap and save up for a PS3 or maybe just a PS2. Keep Guitar Hero off handhelds because the gameplay and the quality of the gameplay will just suck ass!!

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