The City/Isle of Rhodes update

Read up on ‘The City of Rhodes” here.

Now, the countdown just passed the ‘under one hour’ mark for me which means we’re in the home stretch for a God of War Update! This post will be updated with any and all activity on that site.

Some people are reporting problems for the site showing up, so you may want to leave it open in a tab to secure your spot on the site.


GameLife says that: IGN quotes Sony: “While we did manage to find out that the game isn’t related to the PSP title, ‘The website is for true God of War fans…Think of the original God of War.'”

What could that mean? I think that the Playstation 2 logo at the bottom of the page rules out any thoughts of Playstation 3 store content. Hm… Any Ideas?

This post will be updated when anything happens.

UPDATE: Well, the sites live. It looks to be a developer commentary site.

There’s a complex thing you can do to find a secret, but here’s an image for you to see for yourself.


Beyond this page you can click “You seek an audience with the Fates” to get to ANOTHER countdown. This is what you’ll see:

New Countdown

I’m pretty sure this is to announce the PSP game.

If you want to do this for yourself, check Kotaku

That’s pretty much it!



3 thoughts on “The City/Isle of Rhodes update

  1. Damn it!

    So sony just have us waiting like idiots for nothing!!

    Now we’ll have to wait 2 more days to see what happens. They better get it real this time, or else !!!

  2. i got it when it zero my computer chang to white it showed zues on one side and kratos on the other and it showed kratos brother in the middle in sprint form now i get it clear zues and the gods had a plan to bring back kratos brother to use him has a defence to weak him down

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