Super Paper Mario is in the Buttonbasher Den!

The Buttonbasher Den is a magic place that see’s a lot of games pass through. I Gamefly a lot of games, but don’t really buy many. But things are different when it comes to Paper Mario games. Those are always buys.

I’ll be playing for a while, but I’m going to post my impressions of it tonight.


UPDATE: Quick Impressions
Super Paper Mario starts with a very long cutscene explaining what’s happening. Peach is being forced to Mary Bowser by Count Bleck. Bleck wants to create some evil thing in sky, and when people get married, they release evil energy (?) It was kinda confusing.

This game feels a lot like a Paper Mario game, because you get to explore the city areas, and the fighting system has been simplified to jumping on the enemy (or throwing something at them).

They general level layout reminds me of a Kirby game kinda, because you are basically heading toward the next door to progress. At first I worried that the sidescrolling action would take place of the traditional RPG stuff, but then again you’re still leveling up, collecting the famous Paper Mario items, and scoring numerically for hits.

The thing that always impresses me with the Paper Mario games, is the humor, and it’s back in full force. One Line stands out during the Peach and Bowser wedding “Do you Bowser take Peach as your wife until your games are over?” lol. Funny stuff.

It’s a game that continues to have cool moments, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. When ever you learn a new technique and you’re told to hit a button, they say something like “What do you mean hit the ‘1’ button?” and someone responds “We’re just helping the viewers.”

The 3d Aspect is awesome, but it is timed and if the timer runs out you lose a point of HP. The Puzzle solving seems to be more important this time around.

My only concern is that the game isn’t deep enough. Having played the previous games, this sort of seems stripped down to me. Less story (sort of), but more gameplay. I do miss the original Paper Mario style, but this should almost be treated as seperate. Of course, I am only at World 1-3 so it’s Way to early to see where things are going, and to call my verdict.

I recommend that if you are a Mario fan pick this up. Even if you haven’t cared for the Paper Mario series in the past.

Seriously. I’m loving this game so far.


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