Final Version of the Wii Internet Channel is GO!

Wii’ers of the world, lend me your ear! Do you want to avoid paying precious Wii Points? Well, the final version of the internet channel is up on the Wii Shop Channel. GoNintendo reports that in the download you will get:

– Parental Control support
– Optional Internet content filter provided by Astaro (available soon)
– Improved start-up speed
– Clearer text when zoomed-in
– Improved Wii Remote navigation
– Improved scrolling and zooming
– Built-in search via Yahoo! or Google
– Option to hide Toolbar
– New cursor animations and operation sounds
– Ability to view page security information
– Option to delete cookies
– Built-in support manual

You had me at “New cursor animations and operation sounds”!

Go download this now!

Unless of course you can’t find a Wii. In that case you may have to pay for this because you may not be able to find one by the cut off date at the end of June. Ouch.



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