Phoenix Wright: Trials And Tribulations?!

Be still my heart again. I love me some Gyakuten Saiban/ Ace Attorney series (I play it every night and have all of the soundtracks).  I even have an account on the worlds best GS/AA fansite: Court Records (Under the awesome name: Turnabout_Stud). I’m currently replaying Justice for All (GS2 respectively) for a 4th time.  I play every night as I drift to sleep. I’ve even dreamt I spent the night at the Gatewater Hotel!

With all this news of Gyakuten Saiban 4! I can’t help feel left out that us fans here in the states haven’t even got the third game localized yet!

But recently Capcom took a notice to the fact that the first game was nearly impossible to find (I’m a proud importer from Hawaii), and the stellar sales of Justice for All, and decided to hold a contest for fans to plead their case that they want Gyakuten Saiban 3 to be localized.

Well it seems we may be in luck! The following images have been confirmed to be from the retailer GameCrazy:

Others have got Trail Tributes out of the words, but I believe the Subtitle is intended to be Trials and Tribulations. I believe that is proof that Gyakuten Saiban 3 is coming to America, but if you need more, I’m willing to bet that this is announced during Capcoms Gamer’s Day on Thursday.

No Objections Here!


“Yes, Mr. Godot?”

“Why is this not seen in Japan first?”

“Because Gyakuten Saiban 4 is just coming out in Japan. Why Release a step back in the series?”

“I’m going to have to go with Mr. Wright this time. Overruled.”



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