Hotel Dusk Sequel on the way?

Be still my heart. I hyped the crap out of Hotel Dusk, from the moment it was announced until the moment I got the “good ending”. The ending left a lot of stuff up in the air. Too much stuff. I prayed for a sequel. Then today an interview surfaced that made me very happy:
NoE: How do you see the future of the interactive mystery novel as a genre of video games, and do you already have ideas for a follow-up title? And will we see Kyle Hyde again?

TM: “We think in the future, there will be games where people can deduct – can draw conclusions – with various other people at the same time, by making use of a network feature. We think at that time, games will become truly interactive.

“As for Mr. Hyde – we think that he is also looking forward to meeting you again.”

Read the rest of the interview here
That’s proof enough for me! The sales on Hotel Dusk were pretty good, and it was a critical success. Take on me!


23 thoughts on “Hotel Dusk Sequel on the way?

  1. Btw if you want to speed up the conversation just press the stylus a little longer against the screen when the lines are shown.. they’ll speed up then !

    • If you hold down R which is the little button on the top left hand corner of the Ds (you know what I mean) and then hold down the styles to the arrow it goes really really quick, thats what I did :) :P

  2. wow im so excited now. I loved hotel dusk so much but i felt it was really short :(. The only bad thing is that this interview is so close to the release date of the first game that the chances of us seeing the game soon is highly unlikely. We can only hope they put the game into development really soon. On the other hand though I’m curious to know something about the game. How do u get the coins for the vending machine? i have found all the hidden numbers but I don’t know how to put the numbers in the machine. If anyone knows how to do this I would appreciate it if you could tell me. Thank you.

    My e-mail is so if you know the answer you can e-mail it to me.

  3. YES! I suppose this is as close to proof that rumours ever are.
    Ohhhhh just seeing the character animations gives me a wave of nostalgia – I LOVED Hotel Dusk. It was probably my favourite DS game.

  4. OMG I want this so much >_< Hotel Dusk is IMHO the best adventure game in a long looooooooooooooong time… Haven’t been this hyped since Grim Fandango and I think that Hotel Dusk is much better great storyline.. Looking forward for the sequel ^^

  5. It is great news that a sequel could be on its way. What to do in the meantime? Can anyone help me while away the hours until it arrives?

  6. ^There are several other DS Adventure games that might be worth checking out. The Ace Attorney series is always worth it. Recently released Jake Hunter Detective Chronicles sounded interesting. Also September 28th there’s a game called Unsolved Crimes coming out. It looks to be Dusk-y.

    Of course Trace Memory is also by Cing so that would be the most similar. Professor Layton is more puzzle oriented, but a fine game nonetheless.

    There’s some ideas! :)

  7. Yess ! I loved this game, words cannot explain how obbsessed I was with it. The characters, the plot, the gameplay .. everything ! How much of a babe was Kyle by the way? Hahaa xD The story was soo well written, I hope a sequal comes out soon!

  8. there is another game that’s called phoenix Wright? It is basically the same but it’s longer and has four sequels!! My favourite!!
    You Should try it!!!
    the fourth sequel’s called Apollo Justice!

  9. In the November EGM, they hinted that the next issue would have something to do with Kyle Hyde!

    And yes, they did say Kyle Hyde. I can’t seem to find anything on, but keep searching. But it was in the magazine for sure.

    Let’s hope it’s a sequel for the DS!

  10. I really liked this game. i liked it so much, that I can’t wait to play the sequel. If there is a sequel to the game then I want to get it when it comes out. HOTEL DUSK ROOM 215 is awesome

  11. I loved it, it was a great game. Please bring out a sequel. And if you could put a few more hidden endings in so that I would be forced to replay the whole thing again to feel I had completed it. Then that would be… STUPID

    If the makers of this game think that the ‘average’ user is going to achieve a conclusion, but more importantly, ‘ENJOY’ an extended ending by repeating the game from save points, I think they are in error. I enjoyed the game very much but I did not feel it necessary to do a replay to achieve the ultimate story. I merely looked it up on YOUTUBE. I have to say that having done this I did not feel cheated. Had I have replayed hours of already digested dialog to obtain the same result and invested hours in doing so, the final two minutes game play would have pissed me off no end.

    It may just be me, but when will the guys who make these games understand that we people out here invest a lot of time playing them. As we would spend time reading a book or watching a movie. If either of the latter had a disappointing ending, even though we had only been involved with it for two or three hours at most in the case of a movie, would you be so very much inclined to watch another offering by the same Director/Producer? In the case of a book would we spend time reading the same author again if the ending was weak and had no final definite resolution in respect of the story or its characters.

    The start to every story is important, the central portion is critical, but the ending MUST be ALL of those and SATISFYING too. Without that type of climax the previous XX??? Number of hours seem like a total waste of time.

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