Bungie Weekly Update 4/6


-“The first fusion core was pretty, but lacked the necessary warning signage seen in the new, improved Halo 3 Fusion Core. The new improved Fusion Core will become important in strange, secret ways in Fall 2007. Consider yourself warned.”

-“Audio has seen some noticeable improvements too. Honestly, it’s sounded about perfect for months, but they just keep adding layers to it. Last night during a multiplayer test I heard a few new sounds – including a very convincing waterfall sound in Valhalla, that works really well over distance, and a new sniper ricochet sound that made me poop mah pants. It spanged off a rock behind my head, and even though I had missed the sniper contrail, I knew I was in jeopardy. It sounds hot and fast and frightening. And it isn’t just one sound – it’s lots of different effects, each scarier than the last. The ricochet sounds are backed up by (in Valhalla at least) a distant echo of the report itself, arriving fractionally after the bullet itself.”

-“Best of all; you guys will get to hear this stuff for yourself in the Public Beta later this spring (more news on that fairly soon) and you’ll get to see how much the graphics have changed since the Alpha. The Public Beta itself will probably be the very first opportunity for you to see some of the new lighting, textures and decorator effects – even the next Vidoc feature (coming soon, but sometime between now and the Public Beta) only features graphics from the Alpha build.”

-“So yeah. Big changes coming. Big changes and big news. Next week is going to be significant”

So, new vidoc, and more fun! Go Bungie!

Check out the full update: Here!



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