Resident Evil Wii news (RE4Wii Version, and Umbrella Chronicles)

First off, Resident Evil 4 is being ported to the Wii. It will use the pointer to aim your gun, and to use your knife. Quick reactions are also handled with the motions. It includes all the added features from the PS2 version (hopefully the Gamecube graphics though). Here’s the official site (with some awesome looking people): Official Site.

EDIT: Control info:

– Wiimote used to point and shoot (cursor changes to green to let you know about a shot you can take)
– Knife attack by shaking Wiimote
– Analog stick to move Leon
– Hold Z and press analog stick up or down to do 180 turn
– Reload by shaking Wiimote and holding B trigger
– 1 button for map
– 2 button the options screen, minus button options menu
– A is action button
– B cancels

Now for the new game Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. It’s been known about for a while, but details are starting to surface. It will be an on rails shooter that uses the Wiimote to shoot, and the Nunchuks Analog stick to look around.

It looks pretty awesome in this new video on the official site.

Here’s some new details:

– The game will be fully polygonal, no pre-rendered backgrounds
– there will be quick-time events, better known as context sensitive events much like the ones in RE4. Camera will zoom out to show the character performing these actions.
– A question posed to the game’s producer…

Q: don’t you think to have betrayed the series making a shooter?
A: there is a part of hard core gamers that don’t like it for sure, but a lot of more gamere were tired of the same formula and we are doing something new to please all the people that have found the previous RE quite repetitive.

I will remain optimistic that this game will turn out good. It looks cool anyway.

EDIT: Some new screens better show off how Umbrella Chronicles is played. More House of the Dead, than RE4.

And Pretty Character models:

I’m very excited now!



One thought on “Resident Evil Wii news (RE4Wii Version, and Umbrella Chronicles)

  1. I seriously cannot wait for this game. I never got to play the PS2/GameCube version, but am very excited to check the new Wii versions out when they ship.

    I really hope they nail the controls with this one!

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