NiGHTS Scans! It’s Wii!

These are very big images, and if I resize them here, you won’t be able to see the wonder. Of course these are from a foreign magazine so you won’t be able to read any of the text (unless of course you are from the country of origin…).

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

This looks like it is either a remake, or includes the remake. I hope for the latter.

EDIT: Some translated info from Neo-GAF poster “canocha”

Claire and Elliot are back, NiGHTS has new moves that he can’t talk about (yet… wait till next month).

He can’t talk about new characters.. again wait till april!

New moves that will be easy to use with the wiimote.

He choose nintendo Wii because of the controler (duh).

There will be a Two Players mode and some online functions.

Takeshi Iizuka said this is still Wii Exclusive (hummm i dont like the way he said it)

In the splash water look alike level Water and Air will blend O_o

And that picture about X-Mas NiGHTS.. its just a wish saying “Extras: would be great to have a lot of ’em just like X-mas NiGHTS”




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