NiGHTS Sequel Confirmed!!!!!!! Commence the Happy Dancing!!!

After I had a moment to blast the NiGHTS Theme music, hug my collection of the entire NiGHTS comic book series, and jump on the couch, I took a second to think of how exciting this news really is. Sega is reviving a series that didn’t really see amazing sales. No platform is stated on this cover, but since this is most likely the same “Exclusive” hinted at in the ONM preview we know it’s on a Nintendo console. It would work very well on both DS and obviously Wii.

I’ve been seriously nerding out over this news. I am a huge NiGHTS fanboy (see above), and I still break out the Saturn every few weeks to give it a quick playthrough. On one hand though Sonic Team’s games haven’t been too good, but on the other hand the graphical upgrade has got to be looking nice.

These magazines should start hitting newstands around the world very soon, and scans are sure to surface. Expect this to be the new Hotel Dusk of Buttonbasher! Heh.

It’s NiGHTS!!!!!!!!



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