What is ‘The City/Island of Rhodes’? God of War Viral?

We may have a new God of War announcement coming soon. You see, in God of War II if you score a 999,999 point combo, a URL flashes on the screen. This URL in fact: TheIslandofRhodes.org Interestingly, the title of the site (that shows up on the tab) says ‘The City of Rhodes’.

If you Wikipedia ‘Rhodes’ you find this info:

“In Pindar’s ode, the island was said to be born of the union of Helios the sun god and the nymph Rhode, and the cities were named for their three sons.”

Sounds mythological right? But what does that have to do with Kratos (who’s glaring at the screen on the website. Well…The Island of Rhodes is home to one of the Seven World Wonders, The Colossus, Which also happens to be the opening boss in God of War II.

Hooray! Now we understand how the name The Island of Rhodes is connected to the God of War universe! But what is the site counting down to? One would make the obvious guess at the pretty much confirmed PSP, or PS3 sequels. But if you look at the bottom of the page, it list Playstation 2, and gives the same rating for God of War II.

This is going to be interesting to see what becomes of this.



41 thoughts on “What is ‘The City/Island of Rhodes’? God of War Viral?

  1. actually, if you look even closer at the site, there are wheel tracks in the middle of the page… the Colossus in the city of rhodes was built to the god Helios (or Apollo, depending if you like the Greek or the Roman side), whose son, Phaeton, rode Helios’ Chariot (the sun) too close to the earth setting the Earth on fire, which makes a whole lota sense with all the flaming going on the site.

    what strikes me as even more interesting is that Jupiter (or Zeus) strikes down the chariot making Phaeton fall to his dimise to the river Eridanos, which is a river in Hades!

    mmm… guy riding a chariot, setting stuff on fire: that sounds to me like Kratos riding Gaia at the ending cutscene… blown by Zeus to Hades, hint maybe?

    this can lead to various possibilities:
    1.- the first one has something to do with going back to the fight with Zeus on the island of rhodes… remember, Kratos can now control time… i’m guessing that the countdown may be for the publication of the actual game ending
    2.- i’m suspecting that Zeus ultimately strikes down Kratos into Hades or, maybe, the other way around… let’s remember that we still don’t know who that grave digger was in God of War and combining that with the fact that Kratos can now handle time itself, maybe that is hinting that he, know having Zeus throne, came back to help himself out…
    3.- There was also a hidden cut scene in the first God of War called “Birth of the Beast”, from wikipedia “where Kratos’ past as a child is revealed as he and his younger brother are trained to fight in the Spartan Army. Kratos had been well fit to become a legend, but his brother had been too weak and died in the mountains. His brother had died and fell to Hades, growing of age and seeking revenge upon the brother who abandoned him.”
    So, maybe they are going to publish the final level of the game, the final battle, and this is hinting a brother reunion in it, Zeus using Kratos’ brother to fight him during the battle.

    i don’t think that it’s going to be a God of War III launch… it’s too soon, don’t you think? … or … maybe they already have it ready to launch and want to use it as the bridge for PS2 owners to get a PS3? getting them hooked on the game, and making them buy a PS3 to see what happens next?

    i’m a conspiracy theorist at night, sorry =P

    irony of it all: i have never played God of War before, is that i just love it’s plot so much!

  2. You my good sir are awesome! Seriously, that’s an amazing tangent. I too have not actually played the games, but the way you describe them, and hearing all the praise, I have got to check these out!

  3. Hmmm… To tell you the truth, I haven’t got a clue wtf they’ve planned for us. What with all the extra storylines unlocked in gow and the ps2 logo on the site, it looks more and more to me like(dare I say it) They’re making one last gow game for the ps2 before they move on to the new hardware. Sony already said the site wasn’t for the PSP or PS3 games they pland and that “it’s for true fans” or something to that context?

  4. If you go to the bottom and read it says God of War is a trademark to sony blah blah blah, so obviously it has something to do with them game.

  5. some interesting info…you can mess around with your clock on the computer and have it think it is at 0 days 0 hours 0 minutes and 0 seconds and after that it goes to 1 day 23 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds…leads me to believe that its all a hoax and nothing is gonna happen when the clock reaches zero

  6. ^Ah. It should be noted that since all of these countdown type site are based on your internal clock they can be tweaked. The people who make these sites know this.

    So it’s normal for them not to upload the link to the site until seconds before the countdown runs down. It’s very real because Sony has purchased the domain name. We’ve known this for a while.

  7. I live in france and the counter reached 0 tonight, sadly it just went back to !:23:59:59
    i’m guessing we must wait for the american time right?

  8. What the hell. Just watched the timer countdown to 0 and bam…. nothing happened except it reset itself to 1 day 23 hours and 59 mins.


  9. No other time zone.

    The countdown is global. That means it doesn´t matter where you are, the clock was to get 0 at 12.00 (Midnight) on EST (GMT -6 hrs) (That is, April 12 @ 5.00 am for the timezone this site has).

    So anyway, they have messed with us. Two more days to go.

  10. or maybe they have to reveal the site manually or what the fuck is going on i really think it is just gonna keep going up every day because the clock was set to go to 0 at a specific time and date and only that time & date i messed around with my clock on comp and every day past today it just goes up another day

  11. Please Ledgar form CA, let us know what happens to your countdown when it reaches zero. (to the rest of us, it adds two more daysso it will reach zero @ friday 13th midnight).

    What time is it there? how much hours your countdown has left?

  12. As a Store Manager for a video game chain store we have heard nothing about what this is no matter how often I pester my rep.

    On the other hand has anyone else seen that on the horizon at the end of the tracks through the field there appears to be some kind of city or ruins?

  13. yea After the first reset timer started over on April 12th at 12am I tried to reset my computer clock forward two days to end the timer again, but you actually have to turn your computer clock backwards to April 12th 12am again, Now I got the movie page up.

  14. WOW soooo pissed right now. i was pumped for something glorious and they feed us this shit or their producers that all have lysps? BS SONY, WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH THE ORIGINAL.

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