God of War 2 Review (PS2)

Yeah, so apparently there is this game out now. It is a sequel to this other game called “God of War”. I don’t know. I guess it is pretty popular these days. Anyway if you could not tell I have obviously NOT been under a rock my whole life and HAVE heard of “God of War” and I now present you with my official review.

Now lets start at the beginning. God of War 1 was fun, addictive, and innovative while at the same time being short in length. I speak for us all when I say that I was hoping for a little more Kratos in my game. But nonetheless, I loved it and prayed that we would get a longer game next time. Well fans, in the case of God of War 2, after 7 hours I saw the credits. Ouch. While not being epic in length, however, GoW 2 again did not skimp out of the graphics. The fact that they could get this amazing of detail on a console from 2000 is beyond me. At times I had to stop and just sit back for a minute and watch the scenery flow before me like water over Niagara.

This time around, Kratos will be fighting MANY more bosses. While there were a lack of these in the first game, the second one really delivers. When the first thing you do in the game has Kratos thrown to earth to face a giant golden statue the size of a 50 story building, you know a game will be good.

While the last game offered a great amount to chew on, special feature wise, GoW 2 puts two steak dinners in front of you then asks if you want some pie with that. They have dedicated an entire second disk to interviews, spoilers, trailers, lost levels, and people talking about death galore. There is still a “Challenge of the Titan” mode, which is GoW 2 speak for “Challenge of the Gods”. Now if only I could find something bad about this game. Let’s see… It’s too short? Um…and…not…enough pink unicorns? Let’s face it, this game is amazing and we all saw it coming. ROLL OUT THE THIRD NOW!!!



7 thoughts on “God of War 2 Review (PS2)

  1. How does it play on PS3? I heard some people were having issues now that the L2 button is a trigger. I assume that you were playing it on PS3. No real reason to break out the old hard ware when you have innovative blu-ray technology on tap.

  2. It plays great on the PS3. The controls, I found, were acctually a lot easier. Plus L2 was just for magic which you do not have to press repeatitaly anyways.

  3. the same as me god of war is the best game that i ever played
    i wish that there is a new GOD OF WAR………………

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