How far is too far for April Fools Jokes in Print Media?

It’s a long time tradition for the gaming magazines to nonchalantly add a section to their April issues. EGM is known to have one every year (Sonic in SSBM, Realistic Wind Waker, Lord of the Rings Kart Racer), among other magazines who seem to do this more randomly. I remember buying into the “If you preorder Twilight Princess, you get Wind Waker with TP graphics” one for along time.

Well I find it harmless for them to do this, if done right.  EGM always just puts it somewhere in the issue. It’s a surprise to find it. But how far is too far? Is it okay to advertise said April fools joke as a “real” thing, in the back of the march issue? Yes, that’s very specific, but it has a point. ONM, and NGamer, both have previews for their next issue claiming to “unveil a new Wii title” as their exclusive.

Here’s an ONM picture of their preview:

And here’s what the crafty Photoshoppers have showed us:

That’s NiGHTS! Could the long rumored NiGHTS sequel finally be shown? I loved the original NiGHTS into Dreams, and was one of few who owned (and loved) a Saturn.

And here’s what NGamer is showing:

Now this ones a bit more tricky. The words read: “We can’t talk about it. Yet. But you don’t want to miss what we’re revealing in NGamer 9…” It shares the same star theme, but not in the same way. If the “exclusive” is the same as ONM, then the hint could be the night sky. But in space, there is no night… Could it be the Earth? Earthbound Wii? This is tricky.

But here’s the issue, many are claiming that these are showing each respective magazines april fools joke. I think that it would be a poor move for this to be true. It’s fine when you tuck away a little joke in the magazine, but to hype it up for your next issue? I feel like this could not possibly be true. ONM really can’t afford to do this, again. Let’s hope NiGHTS is coming though.

I’ll be following this one closely.



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