Halo 3 Legendary to Cost 130 US Dollars, And Possibly in September?

Halo and Buttonbasher always go well together. The most commented Posts are all Halo ones. It’s safe to say we all like us some Halo. And of course this means we are frothing at the mouth for any Halo 3 info. Well, today the pricing plan was announced, and it’s going to pack a punch on your wallet.

But that doesn’t really matter. This is Halo 3. Here’s how the pricing is laid out:

Halo 3: Legendary Edition (129.99 ERP)


  • 4 Disc Set
  • A Highly Collectible Spartan II Helmet (Which as we learned in the other post, This will not fit on your head)
  • Storyboard Art from artist Lee Wilson “Depicting key moments, and Pivotal scenes from the epic cinematic production of Halo.” (I have chills!)
  • Disc One contains: Halo 3 game
  • Disc Two contains: Behind the scenes “Making of documentary” Disc
  • Disc Three: All the Cutscenes from Halo:CE, and Halo 2 in HD with developer commentary (to be a refresher before Halo 3). “Day in the Life of Bungie” mini-doc. Exclusive content from Red vs. Blue, and This Spartan Life.
  • Special Halo Fiction and Artbook

Halo 3: Limited Edition (69.99 ERP)


  • Metal Case
  • Disc 1 & 2 from Legendary Edition
  • Special Halo Fiction and Artbook

Halo 3: Standard Edition (59.99 ERP)


  • Disc 1: Game

Of course these prices could change, but they most likely won’t.

NOTE: If you want the Legendary Edition, you really should preorder! Check out what’s said on this in the Bungie Weekly Update!

You’d probably be very surprised to hear how many Bungie staffers have actually pre-ordered it from regular retail outlets. The Legendary edition is limited enough (and individually numbered, no less) that we’re simply not guaranteed to get one. Yikes. We are trying to secure a couple of the more interesting numbered editions (you can do the math) to give away as prizes near launch.

^Looks like I need to hit up the EB Games!

More Boxart shots to gawk at: Here

Official Press Release: Here

Another bit of interesting news, 1up.com, and IGN both agree that Halo 3 is coming this September! 1Up bases their thoughts off of a Shane Kim interview, and IGN says that 2 “independent sources” have confirmed this as well. I’m not sure what to think here, mainly because it would be really hardcore it they released it on 11/7/07 (Spartan 117). I wouldn’t object to September, but it just seems odd. All the big releases come in November. Will Bungie break the stereotype? Let’s hope so!




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