God of War PSP, and PS3 info

From Joystiq and 1up:

God of War on PSP (untitled):

  • ReadyAtDawn developing (as speculated)
  • Not a port; Barlog: “It is its own story that connects to the overall story. God of War, God of War 2, and then if all the stars align God of War 3 will be the telling of a trilogy. This PSP story will be a further fleshing out”; where the PSP game fits into the overall story arch was not discussed, but Barlog says, “I want the PSP version to not feel like the PSP version … it’s just as big. It’s just as epic. It’s God of War.” Grrrrrr!
  • Original level design (but the game might revisit familiar areas); Barlog: “We’re not reusing any levels. We’re not doing any of that stuff. It’s all original content.”
  • Replacement for PS2’s right-analogue dodge/roll control is still being worked out; devs are considering a toggle function; Barlog: “And the game will ship with a second analog nub — totally kidding! Not true at all!”
  • No confirmation of PS2 or PS3 connectivity; ReadyAtDawn did create a connectivity feature for Daxter (with Jak X: Combat Racing); Barlog on possible PS Home tie-in: “Home was in development [during GoW2], but nobody really on our development team was knowledgeable about it, so there wasn’t much we could do about it.”
  • No explicit hints of PSP game in God of War II bonus disc content; Barlog: “No, I’m smart. We took out any references to stuff we don’t want out yet… But there are some things in there that may relate to a future game if we do it, but you’ll have to keep your eye open for that.”

God of War on PS3 (“God of War 3” unconfirmed):

  • Franchise will be in 1080p with SixAxis (motion) and vibration functions
  • Barlog on PSN support: “We do want to have support for the network platform — I think it’s huge. And I’m looking at a lot of stuff right now that if I do end up doing anything with 3, I want to utilize that.”
  • Barlog on co-op: “Does co-op have a place in God of War? If we can do something unique with it, yeah, but it is really an early exploration of that in my head really. It’s not even a discussion with the team. We’re not even moving on to do the game yet. I’m thinking how can we incorporate this without damaging what happens in the game — without having it feel silly — where it’s just like ‘we threw two Kratoses in there and now you can run around through the world.’ It’s gotta be something more than that. It’s gotta have a true purpose, kinda like Four Swords.”
  • Barlog on episodic content: “I think the game’s way too big. There are too many art assets. We’re talking like a gig and a half, two gig download for one episode. It’s too much. And this isn’t a dig on people that are doing episodic content … but I question people’s willingness to wait. I think in order for it to work, you gotta have four episodes in the can, and then release them two months apart or a month apart … I don’t know if it’s viable for this game.”
  • Barlog on embracing ‘Game 3.0‘: “User created levels for God of War — I don’t think it’s a realistic proposition. We don’t design levels with a level editor the way that like Unreal and Doom — they have their own editors … there isn’t much possibility of user created stuff for God of War.”

Rumble you say??? Wow. God of War II is out today as well. Eggy Mc is planning on reviewing it sometime this week.



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