“Warhawk” Footage; Mc Underwhelmed

From the beginning, Sony has been hyping many games that would carry the PS3 further into the people. Resistance, Heavenly Sword, and Tony Hawk Project 8 were among said carriers, and as time has gone on, we have come to realize that Resistance is amazing, Heavenly Sword is looking better, and Tony Hawk was still Tony Hawk. But another highly anticipated game, Warhawk, was also among this category. Until now. As I watched this gameplay trailer of this previously supposed air-based combat game that would take Six Axis by its radius and drive her on home, I was disappointed.

Excuse me, but did my car just pass through your flag pole. My bad. Watch them run their legs are bigger than the rest of them and they kick way higher than normal people do when they run. I was really hoping this game would deliver more than that, but after watching this I am starting to lose hope. But let us look at the bright side. “Home” IS COMING!


KLind note: Higher-res version here: link


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