Sony Demonstrates True Online Innovation with ‘Home’

I’ve had some trouble finding reasons that I should get a Playstation 3 in the past. Today Sony has convinced me that not only do I want a PS3, I pretty much need one.

‘Home’ is Sony’s Online service to put it simply. But it’s much more than the menu-based Xbox Live service.

360 Online

^Xbox 360 Marketplace


^Home on Playstation 3.

Wikipedia says:

PlayStation Home is a new community based service for the PlayStation Network, which allows users to create an avatar character for their PlayStation 3 console. This avatar will get their own house, which can be adorned by items players can receive in several achievements. In the future the service will also expand, allowing players to have more sorts of clothing, as well as hold pets.

In the world outside of the player’s house, players can chat and meet other community-members. This will create a MySpace-like experience, where one can invite their friends, hang out and communicate via voice chat, or normal text chat, listen to music, play a game or exchange content. People who enter each other’s “homes” can stream the host’s music and videos from their HDD.

There are public and private spaces for every user. Aside from homes by players, developers and publishers will also make their own houses, which can be visited by players to receive new content or download new footage.

The world of PlayStation Home will not only consist of players’ houses, but there will also be arcade-games that can be played, as well as games like pool billiards and bowling. Sony will also install cinema’s, that allow players to watch and download new content and trailers.

Here’s the trailer:

Hi-res Download: Link

This could be the killer app that Sony needs right now.

Home is set to be released This fall.



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