Prince of Persia Sands of Time Movie art Emerges. Also New PoP game coming to 360

^And with that I become incredibly excited. As a fan of the PoP: Sands trilogy, I know the impressive storytelling would lend itself well to a film. Knowing that Jerry Bruckheimer is involved is icing on the cake. We have some concept art as a taste to what he should expect.

^My guess is that this is the Zoo from Sands of Time.

The rest can be viewed here.

My hope is that this movie only includes The Sands of Time, not Warrior Within, or Two Thrones/Rival Swords. Sands of Time is possibly one of the best games of last generation but the same can’t be said for the sequels.

As for the casting, Sendhil Ramamurthy would be perfect for the Prince. He play’s Mohinder in the hit NBC series Heroes.

Heroes Scene

Prince of Persia Game Trailer

More info on the film in the future.

But on the future of game series (this does not include Wii’s Rival Swords because that’s been out since November 05), a new Prince a Persia will be coming to 360.

If you recall a while ago the leaks from Ubisoft game some art for a next gen PoP. This is the game the art was from. It appears that this game will focus more on the acrobatics of the Prince instead of sword-play. It will be more like Sands than WW, or TT. This makes me feel all tingly. A next gen PoP that’s like Sands of Time = Awesome.

Note the hand

^ The Gauntlet on his hand will play a role in the new game.

^Not Farrah, but hopefully more useful than her.


Good time to be a Prince of Persia fanboy!



67 thoughts on “Prince of Persia Sands of Time Movie art Emerges. Also New PoP game coming to 360

  1. This is wonderful news. I can’t wait to see it; hopefully it’s going to be better than most of the other games-turned-movies, God knows it has the storyline to back it up ;)

    As for Sendhil Ramamurthy… His accent is perfect. :P I’ve seen many people express their opinion on who should play the Prince, and frankly, none of those actors looked as convincing as Ramamurthy. Plus, his voice sounds great! :D Everyone made such a big deal out of Yuri Lowenthal not being in POP: WW (it came as somewhat of a shock to me too, but I understood the producers’ reasons and went with it) that I almost thought the movie will never be made since I can’t exactly picture Yuri passing as a Persian prince.

    But this guy is perfect! I only hope someone passes this idea to Jerry Bruckheimer :P

  2. I would love a new pop-game. But why are alle these characters white? Farah and the last prince were atleast tanned, but these people are just… americans, or europians or wathever. I’m not liking that. Just not realistic.

  3. PRINCE OF PERSIA MOVIE!…must…resist…freaking out….(twitches)….wait….NEW GAME TOO!…..I think…I’m going….to pass put now….

  4. Yes finally. This is the best game ever and needs to be made into a movie. I hope they get good actors for all the characters. My guess is it will look simular to the movie 300 which is a good thing. I hope that they just base it off sands of time too and then make warrior within then two thrones, but honestly i ‘m just happy theyre finally making a movie!!!!

  5. I notice the dagger is back again ( in his left hand) and hopefully some of its powers too.

    I wonder. is it the same prince of the trilogy, or completely different one?

  6. yeah if they do make another Prince Of Persia game there isn’t much to go on in number 3 the sands are gone. The only thing they can go on is the dark prince all you do is leave him behind in the mind world. It realy can’t be a prince of persia game as there are no sands of time the dahaka in number 2 takes the madallion and in numder 3 kaileena turns the dagger of time into sand and goes away, and at the end of number three he tells the story from number one. All that you can do is make him a thief/criminal running from the law,because at the end of number three his father is dead. In the new one they should have him he find out from the old man that there is a gauntlet or somekind of item made bye the gods(the same gods that made kaileena) that will alow him to fix his problems. Then you could find out that, the dahaka is after you again (the dahaka is an immortal reincarnation of “death”), as the sands were created again. This time with the gauntlet you can “fuse” your hand the gauntlet is on with stuff, like a sword, sand, rock, water, and etc. But this time when he opens a gateway one stays open for somereason and the dahaka comes for him through a “gateway”, then the dark prince comes back also fromthe past. Well thats my opinion on everything Prince of Persia.

  7. they probably will mess up the movie like movie makers messed up Eragon, Harry Potter, BloodRayne and most other movies that were made from books or games.

  8. hey i was just searching around and the movie, will be based on a mix off all three games with a new story line, it is mainly based on the more bad ass prince from warrior within, rather than the nice one in sands of time.

    also the new game is most probably introducing new main character not the original prince. shame i hope not.

  9. ^Thanks for the info. Thats too bad. I liked the Sands of Time Prince much better than the Warrior within guy. Although, featuring all three games in the movie would give it closure…

    Sands of time is still better.

    In regards to the new game, I wonder how the voice acting will change. Yuri Lowenthal played the Sands Prince (and normal Prince in Two Thrones), gave the character personality. I wonder if anyone can top that, or if they’ll just keep him and change the character…Hm….

  10. I’m really excited about the new game and the movie, but the movie logo looks awful and The Sands Of Time is the worst of the three!! The Combat system was awful, the Sand Powers were rubbish and I really didn’t like the voice (Yuri Lowenthal) because he made the Prince sound like a complete ponce!! He comes back on number three, which I didn’t like either, mainly because of instead of having the medallion, you have the dagger, so you can’t have two cool swords. Also the sand powers aren’t as good and the sand/health meter looks clumsy.
    I agree with Z Weidner on everything though. The best thing about the Sands Of Time trilogy was (surprise, surprise) the sands of time. With them gone, it probably won’t be as good, but we’ll have to wait and see, coz the Gauntlet is a nice idea, but they’ve changed fthe Prince’s face!! Though it is just concept art, so it might look normal, if it’s the same Prince.
    The movie will probably be crap, but I hope not, but the logo just sets it up to be a letdown. One of the other good things about the game was, it had puzzles, it challenged you and a movie can’t really do that. But if it’s just a little bit better than the Lara Croft films, that’ll be something.

  11. I mean the on for the new game, not the film one.
    And is that the Dagger (in, by the way, his right hand) or just a sword and the blade is hidden behind his body?

  12. ^ looks like the dagger, but I could be wrong. The big push for the new game is that Gauntlet. Theres no reason that it won’t have the powers of the sands. I don’t want the sands to go anywhere.

  13. Yeah, I hope the Sands are in it, it wouldn’t be the same without them, unless they thought of some other way to control time.
    I hope the new chick is better than Farah, she was useless.
    And oh yeah, I think it could be the dagger.

  14. hey me again with more news! the script for the movie is being co written with the same guy who wrote the sands of time game!!! Jordan Mechner so that gives me hope! also the prince has been cast and is Charlie Clausen who looks pretty good as the prince, no more news on the game though but i’m sure thats the dagger, so that has to mean the sands come back some how, i hope so!! i will get back later with more news!

  15. Hi i like the game prince of persia its too sexy
    wht a graphics i think we must have to think abt to make a movie on prince of persia all series like harry potter
    and m daam sure it gonna rock the world and the temper of vewier is needed more and more

  16. actually i think two thrones was the best game
    and the first picture (the title) looks fake
    the walt disney pictures/jerry bruckheimer part looks like it was cut from a pirates of the carribean poster

  17. I hope the logo is fake, and that they use the same on as for the games.
    I like the idea for TTT best, but I got really excited about it in the weeks leading up to it’s release, and it just didn’t meet my expectations.

  18. I think they’ll ruin the PoP movie, they always do when they turn games into movies,(cough) DOOM (cough).

    As for the new game, all is not lost on the return of the sands of time. yes kilena is gone and so is the dagger, and all the sand monsters. BUT there is one last possibility. Anyone who paid attention in the opening cut scene of The 2 Thrones will remember that there is “one last relic of the sand of time” left. the one that the prince tossed overboard when they entered Babylon’s Harbour. The Amulet of time!!!!

  19. ^The other video game films weren’t being handled by Jerry Bruckheimer… ;)

    Also, from my understanding this will be a new Prince. Not the same one from the Sand Trilogy. It’s still possible that the Sands of Time will be present, but it’s not looking like this will remain canon.

  20. ^hmmm i see your point but Jerry has had hish share of disappointments, perl harbor, king Arthur.

    but then again there are some cases where turning games into movies has had good results, like resident evil.
    spose ill jsut have to wait till it comes out here in Aussi

  21. Jerry Bruckheimer is quite good, and a new PoP game would make sense for the sands, but in the concept art he doesn’t have the amulet or the dagger, but then again, it is just concept art…
    PS Buttonbasher,- where d’you get all you’re info from!!!

  22. in response to redbeard, Not all people from Persia would be completely dark, if they were from the northern parts, and while ancient Babylon isn’t in the north:
    1. he spnen lots of time indoors and hiding
    2. his family might not have originally been from Babylon

  23. ^I got my info from and the Ubisoft Leak a while back. They hosted some concept art and stuff, on their server for a bunch of unannounced games. Farcry 2, Crysis, and a bunch of other stuff. No Beyond Good and Evil 2 though :/

  24. a new game not likely, i’m pretty sure that ubisoft has sat their punchline with PoP 3 the two thrones. those arts don’t even lookj like Ubisoft art, and the Team is allready working on Assassins Creed a new game, based on the prince of persia style of game.

    i’ve heard alot about the movie but no ones sure about the futuristic existance of it.

    but if you’re a real PoP fan you’ll know just from the art, that’s not from a new prince of persia game, one word: FAKE.

    but the movie picture looks all to home photoshopped, get real, this is just someone being cruel to real PoP fans, by teasing with nonexistant movies and games.

    sorry guys and giræs but just don’t believe that crap.

  25. a new game not likely, i’m pretty sure that ubisoft has sat their punchline with PoP 3 the two thrones. those arts don’t even lookj like Ubisoft art, and the Team is allready working on Assassins Creed a new game, based on the prince of persia style of game.

    i’ve heard alot about the movie but no ones sure about the futuristic existance of it.

    but if you’re a real PoP fan you’ll know just from the art, that’s not from a new prince of persia game, one word: FAKE.

    but the movie picture looks all to home photoshopped, get real, this is just someone being cruel to real PoP fans, by teasing with nonexistant movies and games.

    sorry guys and giræs but just don’t believe that crap.

  26. …Sigh.


    The art is from the big Ubisoft server leak. Ubisoft made the art. It’s for some new Prince of Persia game. I can confirm this as I have downloaded the leak from the ftp server. No one is saying it continues the Sands of Time trilogy.

    Also found here:

    And for the movie. Jerry Bruckheimer has given interviews about it so it is real. :/ And the images you say are photoshopped are just concept art. The movie isn’t in production yet.

    I can assure you both are very real.

  27. i love playing price of persia , i have a question
    my question is will kaileena be alive
    i mean will the prince get kaileena back(price of persia the two thorones

    please reply me

  28. I do like Sendhil Ramamurthy’s voice, but I agree he doesn’t look right. He puts on the voice he uses for heroes and that’s the only Prince-like thing he’s got about, anyone could do a good prince accent but they’ll look the part too

  29. i am so happy,from the first time i see the prince of persia and play it, i was praying to the god to make it film,but i have a question,for Ramamurthy’s face. when i see him i say”this guy is for the warrior whithin nad the two thrones,not for the sands of time. how can i say it, the prince face in the first game is like V in the escond it’s U
    and at the final it’s something V with some U.

  30. Why would people want a Sands of Time movie. In SoT the prince was practically a little kid and could barely fight. Warrior Within was badass and showed the prince’s true power and showed what a man can do when he is faced with is own extinction. Please dont get me started on TT It sucked, im sorry but that is my opinion It had crappy graphics and the speed kill was gay. The bosses werent challenging enough for me and did i mention graphics? WW showed the world that even a gay little wimp can become a powerful man and defeat his own destruction

  31. p.s. the swords just rock and you get a large diversity in weapons and enemies just a few more reasons why WW would make an awesome movie if Bruckheimer does a good job

  32. I agree with MS about TTT. Compared to WW, TTT sucked (no offence). It didn’t meet my expectations when i played it. i went through all 3 games straight and after WW, i expected TTT to be more open and diverse with you being able to go anywhere in Babylon like on the Island of TIme. Instead, the game felt too linear and forced to go in a straight path. Graphics were crappy too. Charlie Clausen? Not the right look for the prince.

  33. As far as the story is concerned, i think both SOT and T2T are better than WW. Come on guys, T2T also had the part of the prince’s responsiblity which the WW prince didn’t seem to have.
    and the dark prince feels much better in combat than the sandwraith.

    I hope the movie and the new game will not be a disappointment!!

  34. man you are so right Sendhil Ramamurthy would be perfect his voice is perfect and his look is exactly like him, man he would be great

  35. Wow! this will be awesome!! I only just found this site…WOOH!!!
    PoP Rules! I would like to ask if there will be much story change?
    Also, any info of the release date?

    Well I havn’t actually read this whole page…so if someone has already asked or something then sorry!

    Awesomeness!!! :D

  36. I have an objection why Sendhil Ramamurthy is taking the role!? huh?huh? why the hell he is not even persian not even look like prince common he doesnt have the face., plz dont ruin the film!! I prefer some white dude does the prince like collin ferrel . the main character changes the story totaly!! I wish someone in charge read this page!! geeeeeS!

  37. i like pop – ww mainly because it’s quiet creepy prince had his chance to see himself after he wore that mask the warrior within rock effects were perfect i would like to fight mainly for that sound effect

    anyway iv seen the trailer and its totaly diffrent prince no sands no rewind

    hey Z Weidner i like how well you know the game

    one more way they can do another game and the best im my opinuion , remember when the dahaka captured a past copy of the prince in ww but did not kill him,u know the whole mask thing which is giving me a headache and thats what the ubi soft are counting on, , they cod bring that guy back. mark my words they will if this game sinks, and thats very likly

  39. The artistic direction is different to previous games, but could work.

    I’m not keen on having someone following me around all the time. Plus this semi-free-roam environment doesn’t appeal to me. If they made it similar to Assassin’s Creed – you know, fully free-roam but with pre-defined paths between the buildings- I think it would work better. Also, I enjoyed being able to fight multiple enimies and found it especially fun to be able to kill enemies easily that earlier in the game were very challenging.

    I could be wrong about allthis, it just seems like they taken everything from the SOT trilogy away from Prince of Persia. The truly defining thing about POP was the time powers. With them gone…

  40. looking forward to the movie, can’t wait XD!!!!!!!!1

    Man, i hope the new series of POP don’t mess things up, cos it’s so irritating when everything just goes kablooey and you’re left disappointed. Ubisoft dropped the best story in the history of gaming, i loved the trilogy, but a new prince and a new everything??? THAT IS TOO DAMN ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also hope that all of the old characters including the prince return in the new series, so you have lots of allies (perhaps a pair in every sequel). Mostly, the old prince and Kaileena should return similar to how they were in warrior within. That would be SOOOO awesome,

    In the new POP, if the darkness spreads everywhere, sureley the old prince would also do something about it and not sit there if he still exists during the reign.

    Warrior within is the best part of the trilogy, the atmosphere is dark, red and evil but also and because of Kaileena, Warrior within’s atmosphere is also majestic in beauty, especially the paintings in extra features, the throne room painting and the main hall painting just leave you with an awesome feeling of wishing that the island of time and the empress actually exist, especially when you’re listening to one of the soundtracks at the same time.
    Even the red curtains leave you with a positive aw.

    plus the alternative ending also packs a good punch in appreciation

  41. sadly the top concept art was not created for the film, have a look at the artist -Eugene Alexis Girardet-. great stuff, if they reference his stuff cant wait for the film

  42. The new POP is awesome! The chick (Elika) is no problem as she can follow you around and do what you can do and more. She helps in fights, is magical (duh) and pretty damn important.

    The combat is way better than SoT, as there are some insane attacks you can do (but SoT was on pretty basic consoles)

    Unfortunately, you cant die (The Chick always saves you), There is no Dagger (Its a sword), No sand powers (Besides the powers of Ormazd (a God)) and the gauntlet isnt much special.

  43. prince of persia

    is the best movie evey
    i hope u love it as mach as i do
    dastan and the prienss go toghert
    i love the whole movie
    i love the characters and the knhfe and the lines they are used well the director did a good jod on this movie
    i think it should get a madle
    and i hope u ageer
    hope you love lkie or unlke

    pace lolololololololololoololololololololol

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