Tetsuya Nomura Punches Kingdom Hearts Fans in the Stomach.

That’s how I look at it anyway. As each day passes, I feel the overwhelming excitement that awaits in the promised Kingdom Hearts announcements for this year. I’m a fanboy for the series. So when the games director Tetsuya Nomura talks, I listen for any mention of my beloved Kingdom Hearts. It’s 2007 after all. There are announcements promised, and it’s been like 2 years since KH2. It’s reasonable for me to be excited. There was only a 3 year gap between KH1, and KH2 release dates. And today we have news.

Flame War ADVANCE writes: …It doesn’t just stop here, though. Nomura goes on to talk a little about Kingdom Hearts 3, saying that it is impossible for him to concentrate on two games at once. He plans to complete development of Versus XIII first, so he can incorporate elements of the game in KH3. Also, it seems Versus will be the last Final Fantasy that Nomura-san will be directing, as he wishes to concentrate on the Kingdom Hearts franchise in the future.

So if it’s being worked on right now, it’s in very early pre-production, because Final Fantasy XII is due out in 2008. So I’m expecting maybe an announcement this year for KH3, and a release around 2009-10!  Sure the extra time means that the game will be it’s best, but it seems like a very long wait. I expect a game to come out on portables to bridge the gap between KH2 and 3, similar to what Chain of Memories (GBA) did. They need a way to explain Haley Joel Osment’s voice change from 14 (Kingdom Hearts 1) to 17 (Kingdom Hearts 2) to 21-2 (Kingdom Hearts 3?) in this time we wait.

Excuse my rant. I’ll quietly sob in a corner to my Utada Hikari mp3s.




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  1. I acknoledge your love for Utada Hikaru, for I am a biiiiig fan! But I gotta wait for blank CD’s to get the music off my computer and into my cd player! :'(

  2. i’ve heard mutliple things about sora dying and sora not dying from other websites i’ve been hearing that riku is a plable character but they said that about kh2 also they are mkaing the final fix for kh2 right so and it should be out in 5 months and kh2 birth by sleep with be out in 2010

  3. I CAN’T WAIT FOR KH3!!!!
    Personaly, I love KH games for the simple fact that there is drama, sad drama that drains the soul into it’s digitaly pixeled lines.
    And, between me and you, I only finished KH2, even though I have KH CHAIN OF MEMORIES and KH1. I’m stuck fighting Ansem for the second time in Destiny Island, and as for KH CHAIN OF MEMORIES, I’m fighting Oggie Boogie, who I have no idea to beat.
    But either way, Kingdom Hearts is one of the few video games I play. It would be a shame if I can’t play KH3.

  4. I personally want Kingdom Hearts Re: COM along with KHII FM+ to come out. I think they’re cool. Kingdom Hearts 3, apparently, isn;t going to be called Kingdom Hearts 3. It’ll be it’s own series. So I’ve heard anyway. And it takes place in the past.


    KH Re:COM is a great way to find out more about what really went on inside that castle, as well as the interactions the Organization members have with each other. Plus it’d be good for all those people who don’t have a gameboy, and never got one.


  5. I LOVE the Kingdom Hearts games and the books, too.My friends and i get nicknames from the game.Im Kairi, McKayla is Namine, Madelyn is Tifa, Mary Hannah is Olette, and it will take to long to name the rest.We ALWAYS talk about how HOT the characters are.Sora is the hottest in my opinion.Aspecially when he is older.Talk about fine.I know we’re wierd, but we’re girls we can’t help it.I hope KH3 has even more hot guys in it (girls, too we are running out of nicknames.) Kingdom Hearts rules!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yea well get this I got to very end of KH2 where you can go back in the game and get extra stuff to get the secret ending and my brother deleted my whole game! SUX

  7. i love kingdom hearts and i cant wait till it comes out i hope it comes out early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  8. holllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly shit

  9. where did u get that sora dies if you guys are talkin about the final 2 mix ending then that was not sora nor roxas…

  10. does any1 know when kh3 is comin out and if its comin out on ps2 or ps3 iLOVE KINGDOM HEARTS I MEAN WHO DOESNT LOVE IT IF ANY1 HATES IT THEY WILL GET A SLAP

  11. Sora doesn’t die, do you know why? HE DOESN’T EXITST AT THE TIME. I think, and know that it takes place in the past, and if it doesn’t then, theres no word, all they said was, none of the knights are characters from older games, and that the bald dude is xehenort(well they didn’t mention that but from the final mix and clues, you can asume it him), besides those websites are lying, they haven’t even mentioned Sora while talking about kh3.

  12. I have heard rumors about the KH3 project, and I have some comments that I want to be known.

    First off, Disney and Square Enix couldn’t possibly to kill off Sora. Besides the Keyblade, Sora is the biggest icon for the game, not to mention the main character! Unlike the Final Fantasy series (of which I am also a fan of), the KH video games don’t have different characters for each one.

    Next, I have heard rumors that Kingdom Hearts 3 may come out on the PS2 or PS3. I believed that it might have come out in six months or so, but with this new infomation, it is most likely that the game will come out on the newer system. This is bad for most gamers, especially ones at my finacial status. We can’t afford a PS3, let alone KH3 with it!

    I have a theroy about new enemies in the game. According to the story line, when a soul leaves a persons body, the person dies. But if a person’s heart is removed first, the heart becomes a Heartless, and the body becomes a Nobody. But, I ask, what happens to the person’s spirit under these conditions? The body and heart have left, and that only leaves the mystery of that happens to the last part.

    Since the drector of the FF series and that series’s compony is also highly involved in the creation of the game, I have developed a hypothisis. If any of you had played Final Fantasy X, try to remember what happens to a person’s spirit when it is not sent to the Farplane. It turns into a monster called a fiend. I believe that the creators of KH3 may use something like this.

    This is the only logical explination that I could reach, keeping in mind that the guys at Square Enix need to continue to crank out new ideas to keep our intrest in the games. But if this is true, that means that Sora has a fiend counterpart, not unlike Roxas. I may be complety wrong about this, but I have a hunch something like what I said might happen.

    Kairi wouldn’t have a fiend because her soul never parted from her heart.

    But Xehanort on the other hand… In KH1, Sora kills his Heartless, and in the sequal, gamers had the plesure of annialating the foe’s Nobody.

    But the secret ending in KH2 shows Xemmas’s sillouette.

    Could it possibly be-Xehanort’s fiend?

    I leave this decision up to you. But if my fellow warriors of the Keyblade wishes to contact me and discuss this further, you can email me at mobiusdiablo@gmail.com. I will gladly talk with you as well on AIM as mobiusdiablo as well. Your letters will be answered as soon as I can respond to them.

    For now, fellow readers, I say good-bye.


  13. Since they have made soooooooooooooooo many final fantasy games they should make the same amount of Kingdom Hearts games…do u agree???

  14. wat i have found out is that in the secret ending the girl that is holding the figure that looks like Sora is…her name is…AQUA DONT “” ME i just read it somewhere.if u want to say something to me go 2 pimpnblog.blogstream.com and leave a comment…on there my name is chris

  15. sora doesnt die……..the main character in the next game is some dude by the name of ven…and it doenst have sora in it so its not going to be called kingdom hearts and going to lk brake of of that and prbly strat its own series……i hope it comes out on the 360

  16. “Next, I have heard rumors that Kingdom Hearts 3 may come out on the PS2 or PS3. I believed that it might have come out in six months or so, but with this new infomation, it is most likely that the game will come out on the newer system. This is bad for most gamers, especially ones at my finacial status. We can’t afford a PS3, let alone KH3 with it!”

    And I KEEP hearing it will come out to the Wii. It better be for the Wii….

  17. i dont think it will come out on just the ps3 that would be stupid. one-forth of the US owns a ps3. 3/4 of THE US has a ps2. THAT WOULD B STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ^Well, to be fair, Those stats are probably similar as to folks who have an original Xbox with Halo 2, to fewer that have 360’s ready for Halo 3.

    Kingdom Hearts really doesn’t have a place on the Wii. Sure Nintendo fans have followed the series, but from a technical standpoint most games on the Wii don’t really look anything near Kingdom Hearts on PS2. It’s not the consoles fault, as I’m sure the technology is there, but it’s just that developers aren’t really using it. The fact remains that Kingdom Hearts wouldn’t be a very good game for motion control. Having played both games many times, I know the game is a hack and slash. And if I had to swing my Wiimote everytime Sora was to swing the Keyblade, my arm would get tired fast. Plus it loses the “Cool” factor of all the acrobatics that he’s doing, when I’m just dully wiggling the controller. I’d much rather press a button to do the same
    thing. Can you imagine the 1000 heartless battle from KH2 with the Wiimote? It would just be boring. Plus I REALLY don’t need the Nintendo characters in there too.

    I’m almost positive that the game will be on PS3. Not Ps2. There’s know way that Square Enix will stay on the PS2, when they’ve really been needing the PS3 the whole time for the series. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t mind the characters faces looking the same throughout.



    Surely you notice when his lips are synced compared to blipblipblipblipblip.

    I just think the PS3 is the best place. I just want the best game, not all of the fans to not have to purchase a next gen system.

    And no, I do not have a PS3, and yes I own a Wii. I’m not biased. I just want the game to be the best it can be.

  19. When does Kingdom Hearts 3 come out? Sora does not die!!!!! U people must be crazy if u think that. There is no Kingdom Hearts 3 with out Sora. I hope it comes out soon. I want it 2 be on PS2 or PS3 because I can’t affored a Wii. :-)

  20. ^If you are referring to the Birth by Sleep video, I’ve heard rumblings that that could be a portable game. We know theres a Kingdom Hearts game coming to handhelds, but its doubtful that its a main game. If they were going to make a Birth by Sleep game (in which it’s the story of Mickey, not Sora) I think if CoM is any indication, It’ll be on Handhelds.

    I think that KH3 will be the story of Sora, and be on PS3.


  22. No…Sora isn’t dead the story begins with 3 people in Armor but we do not know the names of these 3 char. but if you watch the new trailer they got for KH3 Soras hair is brown and not Gold so the person who was frozen isnt Sora….but they say it might be Roxas

  23. I think if theres going to b a new kh then I m going to b the first one in line at best buy or game stop. Im going to get a magazine in game stop to find out how to finally beat teh first kingdom hearts. Ilove sora aand thiier soo cool
    heres monica> I LOVE KH ……WHY DOES SORA HAVE TO DIE .

  24. Aparently I heard in the forth one for PS3, Sora or one of his friends goes to organisation thirteen, and you play as a dude in the Organisation, which I Don’t mind since I love the whole shrouded man in a black cloak that can teleport by using darkness. So in the fourth one, we can say goodbye to those queer gummi ships! ^^

  25. where has everyone got the information that Sora dies from, because it is set before KH1 so it can’t be Sora and the guy that gets frozen isn’t the main character the first guy shown is for those that are confused which is Terra.

    Terra could be Sora’s father, he has similar hair and also the same type of eye colour.

    Mickey comes on at the end with the Star Seeker, so that could be from when he was Trained by Yen Sid and the Fairies gave him the keyblade like they gave Sora, also his clothes are Black like Sora’s aswell that are given to him by the fairies.

    Not sure about Ven and Aqua

    Although this has been shown, Mickey sent a letter to Sora, Riku and Kairi at the end of KH2 so Sora may still be the main character, another war may be coming and Mickey tells Sora the events that happened with Kingdom Hearts

    If these three are the main characters however then that means they will all have keyblades which kinda sucks, they all appear with keyblades then pick up Sora, Mickey’s and Riku’s.

    I think Terra’s keyblade is amazing, it is like a great sword style keyblade

  26. Okay SORA isn’t going to die that is stupid although i do like Riku better. It better be for PS2 no Freaken one has a PS3 or whatever there better not be any of those cap disney Charectures the ruin the game But the organisation is really cool. But not really THat Ugly guy with the sideburns I hate Him :(

    • i agree most of the games have been on ps2 so that would be so unfair for ppl like us not 2 have it on ps2. but if it did come out on other systems ( and ps2) i wouldnt be upset.

  27. If there are ny disney carecturs i hope they all die or somthing i got pretty exited when goofy got hit on the head with that rock.I think it would be coolto kill Donald HAHAHA

  28. i read somewhere that kh3 will be a prequel to the other 2 games and it will be about the chasers
    glad to hear im wroong!
    kh3 would’ve beenn terrible if sora and kairi and everyone were’nt in it

  29. WHAT!!!!!!! Today i had just beaten KH2 a week ago I had beaten KH1!!! I need KH3 also khown as KHX!!!!!! PLEASE JUST RELEASE IT SOON!!!!!!!!!

  30. I just beat KH2 yesterday and saw the secret scene. If KH3 doesn’t have sora or riku in it i am done with the Kingdom Hearts series. No one wants a Final Fantasy repeat. KH3 better be good for all the waiting us fans have done.

  31. I’m still pissed they released Chain Memories on PS2 in Japan but not in America. Screw what happens after KH2, I wan’t to see the background of Organization 13.. what happens BEFORE KH2.
    I’m not going to buy any KH game ever again until they let us have Chain Memories for the PS2.

  32. My god, Sora does not die, those 3 characters in the hidden trailer are not sora, kairi, and riku, they are other characters, so what I have heard is that the game will not be called Kingdom hearts 3 Im hearing it will have its own series. Final mixwill possibly be out this fall of 2007. I am not sure, and dont say its false because its neither true or false. so im just saying this because of what I read of kh insider forums. Although Kingdom hearts2 final mix+ will be on a portal, which i am… really…. disappointed with…. I want it to be for the ps2….. Just like in japan how they have it.. U.S.A always screws up imported games..-_-anyways. Yes Sora does not die because this game will be taken place in the past. So all you sora lovers, he does not die.

  33. And mekkie Chain of memories was released un America, it is released for the game boy advance. Just download it for free at emuparadise.org get the emulator and play kingdom hearts chain of memories on your pc thats what I did. since i dont own a game boy advance.

  34. Should be for ps2 too =) we enjoyed the kingdom hearts I, II and II Final Mix in the ps2.. and now we have to buy ps3 for play the last edition?

  35. First of all I agree there can’t be a kingdom hearts without sora but it’s not really kingdom hearts anymore it may have that in there but its going to be new characters new story line and it’s in the past

  36. sora is not gonna die!!!! and i like riku srry but he’s cute!!! i would like cry if sora died but he’s not!!! so it suks that sora isn’t gonna be in kh 3!!!what’s up with that??…gay but i’ll see what it looks like. it better come out on ps2 or else !!!!!

  37. No kingdom hearts 3 is set in the past and sora doesn’t die. because he’s not in it. the game also is gonna be o the ps3 and the release date is set around 2010 because of stupid final fantasy 13. Also i think the should make a movie about kingdom hearts like the did with advent chilidren. and the title of the next game is gonna be Kingdom hearts 3 the keyblade war. i cant wait till it comes out WOOT.

  38. ^No. You’re referring to the Birth by Sleep video at the end of KH2:Final Mix. That is set in the past.It’s likely that it’s a trailer of sorts for the spin off game mentioned for handheld’s in which you learn of how Mickey acquired the Keyblade.

    Also in regards to the subtitle:you are probably referring to this:

    The fan made box art for Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s fan made, and does not reflect the final name/style. The subtitle has yet to be announced, even if there is a subtitle.

    It will be on PS3 though.

  39. The Kh series totally rocks! It’s ful of DRAMA,ACTION,ADVENTURE and of course SORA! If Nomura kills Sora I’m gonna completely flip!!!!!!!

  40. Even though I do own both a WII and a PS2, and don’t own a PS3, I definitely don’t want KH3 to be on either WII or PS2! First off, PS2 is just plain old crappy technology! Second, WII would be way to tiring to play on!

    ( Oh, just as a side point, Kairi is totally hot! No offense Jessica. )

  41. According to what I have heard, anyway they make the game, its gonna suck! I LOVE all the old Kingdom Hearts, but this is stupid. Everybody is saying it will be in the past so Sora wont be there, but whats a Kingdom Hearts Game without Sora? But all the other people are sayin if sora is there, hes gonna die! That sux.

    I bet they will end up putting Sora in there and it will be as cool or cooler than the other games.

    Even if it does only come out on PS3, I will deffinately buy one just for that!

  42. I am sorry to say that sora does die ;-(
    i am so pissed ive had enough od KH
    i saw a tralier when i was in japan
    There is only a KH triology
    If you don’t want to know how sora dies go away now


    >>>>>>>>>>>here it is

  43. Ansem comes back in the third one more powerful than ever and sora vanishes into the darkness for eternity

    i am so pissed i am not going to buy kingdom hearts 3 evr

  44. Colton: Anything mentioned so far is a rumor. People like to make stuff up to sound like the inside source. But end of the day, it’s still made up. The whole “Sora Dies” thing has came from nowhere, and been passed along as fact. I could make something up too.

    Goofy is a chick.

    Zomgzorz. No Wai. But don’t believe this stuff, dude. In regards to it taking place back in time, there’s the video that was at the end of KH2 Final Mix, that took place when Mickey had just received the Keyblade. Many believe this to be the trailer to a spin-off. Could be. If it is in Kingdom Hearts 3, that won’t be the only thing. It could like go between times potentially. “Learn the Past TO SAVE THE FUTURE ” kinda thing. Fact is, the next KH game will not abandon what the previous ones have been.

    Sora will be in Kingdom Hearts 3, and he may die but there’s no way anyone could no that as of now as the game is not even in production, other than potential planning stages.

    THE CHOSEN ONE: You’re making that up. I know people in Japan through various message boards, and there’s no new trailer. Hope you had a fun time fabricating that buddy.

    For more slightly jaded views on gaming visit the rest of Buttonbasher, instead of cluttering to posts from February!

    Word out.

  45. My Uncle Is The head of the whole cooperation and he gave me pages of their ideas of what they are going to do about the third one and they said that ansem is definently going to come back and sora will die eventually.

  46. I beat KH1 and KH2 but I still dont understand what KH2 Final mix is. Will someone explain it to me because I am lost. I am a HUGE fan of the games and would personally not enjoy KH3 without Sora Kairi and Riku. I wouldnt care if Donald and Goofy werent in it but that’s just me.

  47. ^Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix is basically some extra stuff that didn’t make it into Kingdom Hearts 2. It’s like a few new bosses/battles. It also includes a remade version of the GBA game Chain of Memories. It’s still a card battler but it features PS2 graphics. It also has an extended version of the secret ending. You can find that on YouTube.

    Electronic Gaming Monthly reported that it’s coming to US but Square-Enix hasn’t verified this. There could be an announcement at E3 (next week) or the Tokyo Game Show (September).

    Just keep watching the main page of Buttonbasher for any announcements.

    Also, don’t believe what everyone is saying about it taking place back in time. Those are just guesses. They have to finish the Sora story, so expect to break out the Key’s again with Kairi, and Riku. Prequel Spin-offs could happen, but Kingdom Hearts 3 will most likely stick to the main storyline.

    Hope this helps! :)

  48. Thanks that helps a lot and I am not going to believe anything until I see or make theories because there is not enough information. Thanks for your help buttonbasher!

  49. Ohkay.. Guys! SORA DOESNT DIE! I believe it’s Roxas.. That might be how Sora got his Nobody, Actually… I don’t know exactly WHO dies. But it isn’t going to be Sora! I’m sure of it! But they might end the storyline with a cliffhanger. It isn’t said, but it happens partially HALF the time! Sorry for this guys, SORA DOESN’T DIE!! And ROXAS DOES! I say once again! He may not have the name of Roxas in the game though Oh and there is no KINGDOM HEARTS 3, There will be a game called KingdomHearts: The Keyblade Wars, It may also start out as those 3 warriors… So…. Yeah XD BYE! X3

  50. ^You’re fun. The Keyblade Wars thing is all based on either fanmade boxart, or the random words flashing in the hidden movie at the end of KH2. All rumors. Only trust what’s official.

    Why do you think Roxas dies? Why does anyone have to die? Are all Kingdom Hearts obsessed with Murder?!

  51. i’m so impatient lol i love these games so much, i wished that they’d release it earlier oh well :) it’ll be worth it
    but i did want to make a comment on the age of Sora in games one and two Sora is 14 in the first one but there is only a year gap between the first and second making sora only 15 in Kingdom Hearts 2 you can also read this in that little game guide thingy you get with the game so he may still be under 18 in the third one, i’m not trying to be rude or a know it all or anything and i apologize if i come off as that :(

  52. ^That makes sense, I was just commenting on the age of the Voice Actor. If my projected release forecast turns out true, then it will be interesting to see how things turn out. Will 17 year old Sora for KH3 have the voice of a 20+ year old?

    Thanks for the info though! Don’t worry. You aren’t rude. :)

  53. hey guys, im 12 and this is the ACTUAL THING 4 the *new* KH
    -it will most likely not gonna b called KH3
    -it takes place b4 sora, riku, and kairi, it is their grandparents er sumthing
    – there are no main characters in it that were in 1 & 2 except for king mickey
    -the whole game is about a huge keyblade war that took place
    -go to youtube and watch previews for it… the bald man is a nobody
    – it will b for ps3 (stop complaining about it. in 2009 the ps2 will b liek the PSone. and for a game like the new KH i dont wanna play it on an old system when the PS3 has WAY better graphics)
    -apparently this will NOT b the last KH ever made
    -they are using pixar worlds: finding nemo, toystory, incredibles…ect..
    -opinion: (after you watch the previews dont ya think it looks more like Final Fantasy??
    -and if yer bummed about waiting so long for the new game play these games:
    -Final Fantasy 12 (hard but long and fun game, still not finished yet.. main character is a kid named Vaan
    -Prince of Persia series… just ordered them off ebay they are awesome games.. rpg alot like KH and FF

  54. what is KH 2 final mix.
    i know i sound total newb and unbeast but i have no idea what this final mix thing is… is it just that trailer…………i dont know…..

  55. and the kid that posted b4 me, everything he said makes sense.
    people say it takes place before the first game and that grandparent idea i like. those three knights could be ancestors (or maybe thats stupid) but the frozen kid kinda resembles sora (or roxas) and the chick holding him is kinda like a blue haired kairi.

  56. ooh, another good idea (by the way, these are just ideas. i have no support behind it). at the end of the trailer when you see king mickey with the star-wachumuhjihgy because he just came from training with master yen-sid. hes probably not king yet. in kh3 you might be able to play as mickey as he gets the keyblade and becomes king.

    im so smar -_-…

  57. well if its a kh game, it still has to have disney characters and stuff like that, even if it doesn’t have sora. and in the video thing, you do see all those keyblades in the ground and that huge heart thing in the sky. even if there is no sora, it would still have to have some kingdom hearts esque.

  58. ………….
    or this whole conversation could be meaningless and its just like any other kh game….. but thats why its a fan forum

  59. ..but i gotta tell you (and i feel wierd making a ton of posts just to myself…), i don’t like the idea of the next game without sora. it’s just not kh without sora. besides, i want to know what that message king mickey sent sora on destiny island at the end of KH2

  60. oh yeah (still kinda wierd posting to myself…) one more thing. the trailer could just be a flash-back. king mickey might just be telling sora about the bald guy and the frozen dude and stuff……. or not. i dunno. all these ideas are just coming out of thin air…… like my awsome idea of how to steal money from other people’s debit cards………. which i won’t tell to any of you lamoes.

  61. referring to my own comment #84, the blue haired “chick” i think is actually a guy and does not resemble kiari in the least.
    i also think all these ideas are getting way too complicated.

  62. okay, 3 things.
    if the frozen kid was anyone, it would be sora- not roxas.
    its rumored that the 3rd picture is actually sora’s ancestor.
    the girl’s name is AQUA and the older dude’s name is Van / The Enigmatic Soldier. the roxas resembling picture’s name is unknown.

    im also glad you brought up that particular picture of riku. doesn’t that outfit look strikingly similar to the person standing with the bald guy. i think there’s some resemblance ansem (the hollow, not the real guy) and baldy’s apprentance.

  63. KH Final Mix doesn’t come out until fall. I know that since my best friend is a kingdom hearts freak. Not as much as me though!*hugs axel plushie*

  64. ^Sam: I’m under the assumption that everyone that’s ordered KH2: Final Mix is ordering the Japanese Version. I don’t believe that the PS2 is Region Free which means it won’t play on US PS2’s so make sure you know what you’re getting if you order it.

  65. Whutup? This is what I heard:

    Sora will NOT die in the Kingdom Hearts III game, as Nomura stated in a press conference that “Sora is like a son [to me].” He’d never (at least at this point in time) write Sora out of the story, considering how popular he is among KH fans.

    In turn, however, there have been rumors of Riku’s terrible fate in this upcoming game…

    Apparently, Riku (in some point in the story) gets himself stuck in a “you or your friends” situation and is banished to an endless void, never able to return again.

    I’m not sure if it’s late news to you guys, but the three Enigmatic Soldiers (previously referred to as Chasers) had their names revealed.

    The ES with the jackal head helm is known as “Terra,” which (duh?) means land. The ES with the helm that has its (ears?) slicked back sharply is called “Aqua,” which means (yea, i know) water. The last ES, the one with its helm’s (ears?) curled upwards is “Ven,” which means sky, or air.

    If you watched the FM+ secret trailer, you could probabaly tell who’s who. The Roxas look-alike (Ven) seems to be relative to Sora (it just has to be!), while the blue-haired girl (Aqua) has the same face and somewhat similar hairstyle as Kairi. Terra (jackal-head helm, glowing eyes at end of trailer) doesn’t look anything like Riku, but does resemble Xehanort in an opposite sort of way. Let me explain.

    If you pause the trailer (YouTube) on the screenshot of Terra, then you’ll see that he has the same hairstyle as Xehanort, Ansem [Pursuer of Darkness], and Xemnas. The only difference is his hair color.

    What my theories about Terra are these:

    #1: Terra is Xehanort’s brother. Why? Same hairstyle, just different color. Has a sort of hatred towards Xehanort (as stated in KH2: FM+), like some brothers would (e.g. Sasuke and Itachi). Same stupid glowing yellow eye as Xehanort’s forms, too.

    #2: Terra is another one of Riku’s “forms.” He took on Ansem [Pursuer of Darkness] ‘s form in KH1, KH1: Final Mix, and KH2. What if this is another of his Ansem imitations? Remember, he had the same stupid glowing yellow eye, too, in Deep Dive.

  66. This just in:

    Apparently, the most definite title of the next MAIN KH game is going to be Kingdom Hearts 3: The Keyblade Wars. How accurate this is, I’m not so sure, but here’s a link to a possible pic of the US sleeve for the game.

    I don’t know if it’ll show, but try copy and paste at least.

    C:\Ivan Celestial\Pictures\Kingdom Hearts III\Keyblade Wars.jpg

  67. I heard the people’s names in kh3 are:

    blue haired girl Aqua, the roxas looking dude who got frozen Ven, and the other dude Terra

  68. has anyone noticed that at the begining of the trailer that the three keyblades in the ground at the middle are the keyblades sora, riku, and kiari use at the end of kingdom hearts 2?

  69. make it 2player NO PS2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111

  70. Whoever thinks Sora dies is mistaken, which is a relief.
    Sora and Roxas’ lookalike, Ven gets frozen, and his keyblade I think gets destroyed too, which casts him out of the keyblade war.

    Well…he still fights.
    But he just isn’t a keyblade master anymore.

    The website I put isn’t mine by the way…
    They just have the best cosplayers in the world…

    And the cutest Axel and RoXas yaoi photos… lol

  71. Ok, First of all if you people are thinking that person who apposingly look like he died in the final mix trailer is Sora, that was not him! it was Ven and he did not die he just got frozen with a very powerful upgraded bizzarga! He is not dead if you watch closer in the trailer his eyes are moving at Aqua!!
    BUT, that doesn`t mean that Sora will not die in the game, he might die because they always make the heros of a game die for some reason! It will be either him or Riku.. And if your thinking kh3 will come out on ps2 then you are WRONG! Unforneatelly it will come out on ps3, because it is the newly version of the ps2. But there maybe a chance for people who don`t have the ps3(cough* like me) to get it, becuase it will be out in 2009 or 2010,(hopefully 2009 in the summer), and the price will probably go down by then since it`s $400 munny now, it will be either 300 munny or 200 munny like the Xbox360. In the meantime, they will be making kh side stories discussin about, how and what Roxas was doin in the Organtzion and about Riku going to the darkness and the blindfold, which is KH 368/2 Days(which is supposed to be coming out this winter depending on how fast they make it) this comes out for the DS the graphics like the gameplay is like ….yeah but he cutscences are great trust me it`s better the kh chain of memories., then there`s kh coding, which is AFTER khj2 , Mickey has a problem and calls Donald and Goofy to call forth a virtual(14) Sora to help with the bug in Jimmy`s journal( it`s supposed to be in kh1 but yet it`s like a kh3 sort of thing) which will be for the mobile phone I`m gussin it`s either for the Japanese phone or regular because they made this really crappy one of kh that is for the phone that I have. Finally there`s KH birth by sleep, which is for psp, and it tells about Ven, Aqua and Terra,chasers, the war, Xernaout, and his apprentice. There may be a little scene of Sora and Riku when they were kids.
    Well I told alot! I better shut up then.

  72. I read somewhere that sora is being replaced by a guy called terra who looks like a older sora. But there is a mystery about what part of sora he is. I think terra is sora’s light form i’m guessing because Roxas is sora’s nobody, and riku is sora’s dark rival.

  73. Woah (:
    Lots and lots of info there (:
    I’d just like to say, Sora WON’T die!
    That would be like buying a Harry Potter game, only to find out harry, Ron and Hermione all died in a car crash.
    Its just siily. (:
    He might get sort of sent into another realm, or through time or something, but no way would the makers kill off sora.
    OFC its on PS3. By 2010 or whenever, the graphics on PS2 will seem like stick men drawings (:
    Not sure on the Terra, Ven, Aqua storyline, but the people who make kingdom hearts games are not only pretty damn clever, they also love plot twists, so pretty much anything could happen (:
    I’m off to go spend the never 2 or 3 years speculating on the next ingdom hearts (:

  74. okay fanboy you need to pay attension more sora is 14 in the first one and kingsom hearts 2 is a year after the first and chain of memories so he would only be 15 and in the ending of kingdom hearts 2 it is shown that king mickey sent them a letter awhile after they returned home. i’m pretty sure that wasn’t mickeys remix to it’s a small world. so if they left right after they got back why would they be 22. unless they get in a gummi ship crash and have a coma for awhile he should only be sixteen at the most seventeen. use your head

  75. ok ppl sora is not going to die if ur talking bout the final mix then your wrong cause that was not sora or roxas and the person didnt even die i he just froze cause in the VERY VERY end u see him blink and i belive one of the characters names is ven and the other ppl i forget thier names.AND BTW THEY R PUTTING SORA ON A “BREAK” NOTICE QUOTATIONS. and the game is most likley to come out in late 2009 or early/mid 2010(its fun to type 2010 :3) and the game with the kights is called birth by sleep. and the game before kh3 is soposed to be about sora’s father (this is the game after birth by sleep) and kh3 has been rumared to only come out on ps3 SO START SAVING UP PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( (cause im dead beat broke)

  76. yay i membered the ppl’s names they r
    blue haired grl=Aqua
    blond person=rumared 2 be ven(but ur wrong)
    other dude=ok listen to me now
    in a pressconfrence i saw on yt the darker haired dude is nicknamed ven and it said in the confrence that if u know the other word for earth (which is terra) then u found his name

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