European PS3 Gets Tough Cut

Readers, let it be known that I am not anti-PS3 as the rest of the world is.  But, for lack of better news, I have this to report.

First, some back story.  In the past, Japan and the U.S. have had no problems buying Sony products such as the PS2.  Europe, however, has always been a little slow.  Sales were made, but they are just not as excited about their gaming over there.  So here comes the PS3.  Now we all know, no matter how much I would like to deny, that they have had a rough start.  Stores are stocked full of the next gen beauty and it does not look like it will change with any of the upcomming games.

Now for the news.  It turns out that, for European buyers, the PS3 will not have PS2 compatability.  So games will work, just not most of them.  Wether PS1 games will work is still up to Sony’s Europe branch.

So lets do some more math.

Already unexcited European buyers + Slow PS3 takeoff + Hardly no backwards compatability =

 For Sony in Europe.



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