Assault Rifle from Halo replica!

I didn’t make this!

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56 thoughts on “Assault Rifle from Halo replica!

  1. If you can put this

    Into that, then you might have a moneymaker on your hands. (Airsoft gun)

  2. ^It’s not mine. Someone posted those images on a forum. Source was where you would click to find out more info. Although since this post is really old, the link is now dead.

    I know posted this info, but I would assume the eBay auction is over. It’s been like 8 months since it was active.

  3. COOL, can you tell me what parts you used to make that so i can make my own
    if not can you make one for me by christmas
    i will pay you 50$

  4. ^Looks like you didn’t read the comment section where I spelled out that I didn’t make it and it does not belong to me.

    It’s Not Mine, I have never seen it in my life

    I just posted pictures of it because I thought it was cool. Then put a link to the place where the pictures originated. The Link is now dead. Look elsewhere for that kind of thing.

    Sorry dude.

  5. Um, Klind, this replica is really awesome dude. Could you tell me how you built such a masterpiece? Can it be Assault Rifle building time plz?

  6. dude too bad i don’t have no money that thing is so cool i would not sail it that would worth more in the futher but i still would not sail it that is stupid

  7. the gun looks good but heavy automatiuc fire looks like, i dont give rifles to just peole dont ask,, i dont deal drugs to stupid dum , this gun fires to quik kill half the god damn allie,, try a mpc buck s44 automatic,
    for future gum pics look email rick moran at white house in “cup in mouth bobing up and down” time magazine,
    thamk you halo spend some tiume in your body,, and meet homie from doom, project blow over iom alright but better handle the atous in call 4 duty,
    last arrest by 20 james p, digaurdi confirm arrest to last alien hast richard >not< dick,, chieny, dragons madethis sonr over out to up seperated

  8. Dudes, awesome awesome stuff. Actually, I want to find out who’s the maker.

    I’m into airsoft myself and a major Halo fan, I want to see if it’s possible to make an airsoft gun using MA5C shell.

    I’m from Toronto but now in Hong Kong kicking some airsoft ass.

    If anyone can offer me some help please do so. is the site of my team.

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  10. Nice… also on halo 3 I got a picture of a Golden Assault rifle
    on my file share on

    If I had that gun I would spray it gold!

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