Video Game Movies (and why they suck).

Ever since the release of the “Super Mario Bros.” movie in 1993 (based on the video game of the same name), video game movies have been stinking up the silver screen. Game after game has been described by many as “box office bombs” and “deviations from the game…to anger fans”. Sure, we got a break with mediocre movie “Doom” and slightly better film “Mortal Kombat”, but the cons far outweigh the pros in this genre.

Now for the kicker. The movies in development are, in my opinion, shaping up to be worse then their predecessors. I mean, I LOVE Halo, but do we really need a movie to show us some more Master Chief? World of Warcraft, Prince of Persia, Gears of War, these are all amazing games but what the directors down in Hollywood land do not realize is that all these movies will do is anger the fanboys and turn off potential buyers to the franchise. They are setting themselves up to try and jump a bar that can go no higher and in the end, they will just end up on the floor with guts of failure splattered all over. Sure, I will not be totally negative. I will give them Resident Evil and Tomb Raider. Those are great movies and great games. But I am done with the Hollywood types cranking out meaningless game movies that only hurt the consumer and ultimately the video game developers. Well that’s my opinion. Feel free to share yours.


(Counterpoint from KLind)

I have to agree that there have been a lot of failed attempts at adapting Video Game’s to Movies. But they aren’t all bad. I agree that the decision to take Mario out of the Mushroom Kingdom, and have him travel to a gritty realistic underground Koopa Land to fight trenchcoat clad goombas, and one angry Dennis Hopper, is not the best idea. But as stand alone movies certain ones could work. I had never played a Silent Hill game before, but after seeing the movie, I began to play them. After seeing the Doom movie, I decided to get Doom 3.

I don’t see a problem if video game movies are made. My problem is when directors don’t understand the property they are working with. Take Silent Hill for example. It was a good adaptation because the director was not only a huge fan of the games, but he also brought some of the minds behind the game to assist on the film. A bad example would be something along the lines of Alone in the Dark, or Bloodrayne.  You probably know that those are works of art from the director Uwe Boll. When things get out of hand like that is when you have problems.

But looking on to the future, there are some pretty great ones coming. Metal Gear Solid was just announced. Your first instinct tells you that it could end up horribly. Then you hear that Hideo Kojima is the Executive Producer. Then it’s okay. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. It was the best game in the Sands trilogy, and PoP creator Jordan Mechner is on board. Halo: Sure there is the budget issues (that will hopefully be worked out), but Bungie holds creative control, and Peter Jackson and WETA are both on board. Halo has always been very cinematic, and there’s no fan that can tell you that they don’t want to see real functioning Warthogs.

What I think we should realize is that all video game movies are not bad by default, well other than Uwe Boll’s .  It seems that more of these movies are enlisting the games creators to make sure they don’t mess things up. I actually look forward to seeing some of these projects succeed, and break the rule that all video game movies have to suck.



2 thoughts on “Video Game Movies (and why they suck).

  1. You forgot to include the other switch, video games spawned from movies. Most of those suck too. There are some good ones, though. Like, uh, …?

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