Halo 3… FALL 2007!!!!

In the Bungie Weekly Update, they introduce the idea of the Halo 3 maketing.

Even though we showed Halo 3 for the first time last May, the official marketing campaign for the game is just now starting to begin. With this kickoff comes the first phase of visual identity – what is creatively being referred to as the “teaser piece.” While it may not be anything new for fans who have been following Halo 3 all along, it’s still very cool, very iconic and evokes a sense of mystery and intrigue. It teases you if you will. Although, it does contain ONE very important piece of information. Cough. 

They posted this picture:
Don't hurt your eye's...

Here’s the full pic in link form (because it’s HUGE):

On the bottom of the linked image you see this:
Fall 2007!!

So, probably November!

Finish the Fight, this Fall!
KLind (iknowyouyourpastyourfuture)


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