Bethesda: Wii cannot run Oblivion

“This time around we did Oblivion and again we designed a game that’s really going to push some limits and would do the things we thought next-gen consoles might be able to do. When 360 dev kits were available, we did it on them because it was available. It’s not really going to run on a Wii for example, but if it could we would put it there. Our philosophy is to make a game and make it available to as many people as possible. We’re not looking to limit who can play a game. We want to make something that’s fun and we want as many people as possible to play it.” – Bethesda’s Pete Hines

It would be a good time, but Oblivion is best viewed on 360/PS3. I wouldn’t want a Wii version if they had to downgrade graphics. It just wouldn’t be the same.



28 thoughts on “Bethesda: Wii cannot run Oblivion

  1. So u think its a defiant no for a Wii version of oblivion?
    If so what about Morrowind on wii? Surly the wii can handle Morrowind as it was origionally for the x box!

  2. Hello again, i dont know if you will ever read this but if u do could u give us an answer to wether assassins creed is coming to wii? My friend says it is but no one believes him. If u cant it dosnt matter!!!

  3. Hi, assassins creed is out now but i dont no weather i shud buy it because of the review on ign (7.7) what would u rate it? because your normally right! it only says 15 hours gameplay!
    if u do send a post then please dont include any spoilers. Thank u!
    if u want me to stop wrighting on here just say!!!!

  4. No Prob James. I haven’t gone hands on with Assassins Creed yet, but I’ll be getting it in the coming days. I’m super hyped for it though. I hear that the base game is 18 hours but if you do everything it can get up to 40 hours. If you liked the Prince of Persia games you’ll like this. IGN seems to be one of the odd ones out on Review for this game. Everywhere else has been extremely high. I would say if you can’t decide, definitely rent it. Then you don’t have to pay 60 bucks for something you can’t decide on. At least try it.

    I’ll be posting a review a few days after I get it.

  5. Thanks! we no we can trust u so were gunna buy it!! my m8 got it b4 me n told me most of the plot twist but still….cant wait 4 ur review!

  6. They could if they wanted to, release a game that has an identical storyline but a new game engine with less graphics but better controls. They would be justified in still calling it Oblivion. They just don’t want to.

  7. they could do something like oblivion or morrowwind I’m sure they could come up with a new storyline if they really wanted they would have tons of sells. as long as they came out with the trailer in atime where no good games had just come out. I love oblivion and i liked morrowind to. hate the beginning to oblivion though. those tunnels are a pain

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