Nasty Rumor: Killzone 2 demo to steal thunder from Halo 3 beta

According to a story, a Killzone 2 demo may be heading to the Playstation Network before the Halo 3 beta releases.

The Halo 3 beta is pretty much the biggest thing I’ve been anticipating this year other than…well Halo 3. I expect it to the focus of many posts on Buttonbasher, as well as most other sites. Most gamers are excited to just get news on Halo 3. It’s a Megaton. Huge story. Not much could overshadow it. Well except for Killzone 2.

E3 2005. Sony held their pre-E3 press conference (at the place with the 72 story screen) and showed off the future of the Playstation brand with a bunch of pre-rendered trailers, all leading up to the climax; the trailer to Killzone 2. It was so obviously fake, but no one cared. Every FPS that was shown since then failed to live up to this vision. Then when Microsoft held their conference, and the graphics didn’t live up to Sony’s, a lasting impression was left.

That’s the problem. This could potentially steal the thunder from Halo 3. Show a non-gamer Killzone 2 demo (which is further along than Halo 3), compared to Halo 3 (which would be in beta), Killzone 2 would probably look better.

If this rumor pans out, then PS3 sales could potentially go up. Hear that? Console sales because of a demo, not good games. Where are those good PS3 games anyway?

KLind (I ramble because I’m concerned).


One thought on “Nasty Rumor: Killzone 2 demo to steal thunder from Halo 3 beta

  1. Please theres’ alot of good games on PS3 Gundam Musou MGS4 Devil MayCry 4 Mobile Gundam Crossfire Eyedentify MotorStorm Tekken 6 Mercenarie’s 2 Vision Grand Turismo The Getaway 3 Resistance Fall of Man Gengji Day of the Blade Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy XIII Versus Full Auto 2 8 Day’s

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