Hotel Dusk Soundtrack Download

Seeing as Nintendo hasn’t really made a big push to promote Hotel Dusk Room 215 (Nintendo DS), it’s probably safe to say that they do not plan to release a soundtrack to retail. Luckily a few Neo-GAF users (myself included) have ripped and titled each song from the game and made them available for download. The entire .zip file is 64MB.

Click here to download

Click here for the Album Art!

I heart this game

The music in this game is really superb.




99 thoughts on “Hotel Dusk Soundtrack Download

  1. YES! You have no idea how cool you are. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to obtain such a superb soundtrack to an impressice game. I appreciate it to a measure beyond the power of words to describe. Okay, now I sound like Martin Summers…

    • hotel dusk is like the BEST game i have ever played. I cant wait until the the sequel comes out. also I agree that he is so cool.

      • I t was totally the best game ever made on DS, and I just fell in love with the soundtracks from day one !!!!!

  2. is it just me..or is the main track of hotel dusk exactly like the beginning of omarion’s new song ice box? (which i heard on yahoo music)

  3. That was oddly specific. I searched almost directly the title to this page to find exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.

    I’m glad to see that others, like myself, have fallen in love with this cult classic game. The music complemented the sheer emotion through the dialogue so well, I just had to attempt a search for it. Thanks to all who help support the download and, do know, you have made me very happy this day.

    May the winds of good fortune be always at your back.

  4. I was hoping they would release an official soundtrack, but that still seems unlikely. Before I found your site, I had recorded almost all the tracks using the “jukebox” in the bar.

  5. Ive been searching to see if Omario sampled hotel dusk in the icebox remix, this is the only site i could find. Im pretty sure he did tho..

  6. Thanks, I’ve been really depressed lately and, well, I’ve been wanting this for a while. This’ll cheer me up, since Hotel Dusk was/is one of my favorite games.

    Thanks a lot.

  7. *sniff* I spent five hours downloading the zip but i cant unzip it now… would it be too much to ask for you to put them in individual track format, if possible?


    Man, im hooked to THE LAST SLEEP!! ^_^

    Locked in that airtight basement >_

  9. Hey, thanks for this great stuff! It’s a shame there’s no official soundtrack.. Hearing the music just makes me want to play the game again!

  10. I’m still playing the game, but I love the track “Play It Again”; that jukebox in the bar is awesome. I’m so glad that you guys put this together. =D Thank you very much!

    Is the album art just a thumbnail of the cover? I didn’t see anything else when I clicked on the link.

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  12. hey thanks a bunch
    completed the game tonight, and was looking for the music
    you are the first one to pop up on google
    thanks a bunch :P

  13. Fucking great men!!!!!
    Thanx So much for the Hotel Dusk OST!!!!
    I was looking for a long time!!.::
    ThanK you!!! ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!ThanK you!!!


  14. thanks bro. I been looking for this forever. It’s nice to know that there are people out there that have the same taste as me.

  15. I never thought I’d find these songs…finished the game a couple of days ago and still had the music in my head. Thanks so much for posting this, made my day!

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  17. you are a genius, and i thank you so so so much!! i wanted to use one of these tracks for my school thriller film for media, and now i can! thank you!!!

  18. BRAVO!! Number 1 in Google for the soundtrack, thanks a trillion.
    I think we should have an International holiday named after you! The music in this game made half the play, it’s really mesmerising and whoever composed has an ear for pleasing notes & melodies.
    I often fell asleep to some of the music!

    It took me a week to complete the game, I was hooked from the word GO. Come on guys…give us a Hotel Dusk Revisited!

    (How can an animated character be so sexy?! It’s that cheeky smile that Hyde gives that really got me. Man, that’s twisted!)

  19. Could somebody please possibly upload the songs individually? I’m on dial-up and the single file of all the songs is too big for me to download… :( Gutted.

  20. thank you so much.
    I love the music from hotel dusk. why doesn’t nitendo make a cd with the musci from hotel dusk. when i see all the comments here they will get verry much money !!

  21. Thank you for this. I had been searching–leave it to Nintendo not to release a golden-star gem’s soundtrack. Even Phoenix Wright got THAT much. Dusk needs more love.

    You, my friend, are more epic than I can say right now. Have some hearts. You’ve earned them. :3 ♥
    Sassy:(How can an animated character be so sexy?! It’s that cheeky smile that Hyde gives that really got me. Man, that’s twisted!)

    Good grief, do I know what you mean. Damn him. “It’s a nice name, isn’t it? *CHEEKY SMILE*” D=<

  22. Is there ANY way that you can reupload the tracks? All of the links are expired, and I LOVED the music from this game!!

    Thanks a lot!

  23. Hi,

    thanks! I really like the game and its music, so I am very happy to find the songs here. There is a problem with the album cover though. It points to the thumbnail image. Gotta remove the “.th” before the “.jpg”.


  24. Wow! Nearly three years later and the links are stil active! You have no idea how happy this makes me – I’ve spent hours trying to rip these from a ROM and all I got were tuneless midi files!

    Thank you SO much for making these available. You are truly awesome! :o)

  25. ;__;

    Thank you so much for this!!! I love the bgm and it’s just so sooothing and all! Oh game memories~ <3

    @abdo: Did Cing really go bankrupt?

    • Unfortunately, they HAVE declared bankruptcy…Fortunately though, bankruptcy doesn’t mean CiNG has closed its studio doors for good. With the right financial planning and careful marketing of their awesome games, we could just see a magnificent phoenix rise from the ashes.

      However, this recent turn of events means that we will not be seeing an English release of Last Window Mayonaka no Yakusoku anytime soon.

  26. Thanks for this! I’ve always loved the music in this game. And bliss, I don’t think Cing went bankrupt. If you check you can see that there’s actually a sequel for Hotel Dusk being released in Japan. Here’s hoping it makes it to US shores!

  27. Oh. My. God. Thank you millions. I have been looking for the OST for so long, and now I can listen to it whenever I want! Thanks so much for making it available to people like us! Thank you thank you thank you!

  28. Hi! Someone in my Facebook group shared this website with us
    so I came to give it a look. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m bookmarking and
    will be tweeting this to my followers! Terrific blog and great style and design.

  29. And years later someone still wants the soundtrack lol. It’s a great game, it’s my baby. I dished out a couple of bucks to someone in the UK for Last Window and I wasn’t in the least bit disappointed. It still carries the same vibe Hotel Dusk did, dare I say, I might have even enjoyed it a little more. The puzzles are harder, the mysteries are darker, it seems longer, and for what’s going on you feel a little more sympathy maybe empathy for a few characters. It may just be a game but Nile is freakin scary… Last Window is worth buying! I implore you to buy!

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