PS3 Price Cuts?

According to a recent statement made by Sony, the company is now considering dropping the price of the PS3 in an attempt to boost sales.  This is due to an overall 5% fall in income for the entire company while their game division reported a loss of about $455 million.  ”Such factors, including price cuts to some extent, are factored into the company’s break-even plans,” said Sony’s senior vice president Takao Yuhara.  These amazing losses are due to the low sales of the system combined with the lack of good game sales and the last miniute change of sea shippment to air shippment for launch.  Sony has not yet announced when or the ammount of the drop, however, they have already cut prices in Japan about $85.

This is getting gamers everywhere excited.  A price drop of a solid $100 dollars at minimum would get thousands of more people interested in the console.  I believe that with a price drop and the upcomming games for the system, Sony could easily get back in the ring with the Wii and 360.  Plus, let us crunch the numbers here for a miniute.  Analysts say that the PS3 and 360 will have a thriving console life of about 5 years if not more.  Take your PS3 price with internet, wireless controler, high deffinition, ect. over the span of 5 years and you got $600.  Take your 360 initial price of $400 including its wireless controler, high deffinition, ect. then add yourself another $250 for 5 years of internet access excluding downloads and which console looks like it needs a price drop now.  I will continue to follow this story and feel free to tell me how much of a cut you would need to consider buying yourself a PS3.



One thought on “PS3 Price Cuts?

  1. I don’t belive I would ever buy a PS3. I’ve always been a one-console (nintendo) guy; if i ever feel the need to play games on other systems, my friends allow me to do so. Also, I’ve never seen or played a game on a playstation that has made me want to own the system. Xbox? Yes, but I only have sufficient funds to support one console brand.

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