Spore for DS! EA hearts Nintendo!

Spore has been announced for DS! EA announced it along with My Sims for Wii (Animal Crossing meets Sims), and DS. Also, the Japanese hit Sim City DS is coming stateside!

EA chairman and CEO Larry Probst gave the following statement
“With regards to the Wii platform, at least initially, it seems like it’s expanding the overall market and expanding the demographic of users and people that purchase software, so we think that’s a good thing. We’ll have to see if that’s sustainable over time, but certainly [Nintendo’s] got off to a very encouraging start.”

My Sims
My Sims on Wii is reported to use your Miis as characters, which is the first I’ve heard of a third party using Mii’s. Now, we just need MiiMadden in Wii Sports 2!



7 thoughts on “Spore for DS! EA hearts Nintendo!

  1. I’m adicted to animal crossing. i get on it every day but now i feel like mi sims copied off animal crossing and every one will like my sims alot more. but really I like animal crossing more. If you like animals then you woould like animal crossing, but i still luv my sims!

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