Official Resistance: Fall of Man Review

First things first, I must introduce myself.  I am EggyMc and I am now co-blogger along with KLind.  So sense he does not have the new PlayStation I am going to try and fill the gaps.


That said, what better a game to start it off with than Resistance:  Fall of Man.  This game is AWESOME.  The big question on most gamers minds is “Does this game stand up to the HUGE price tag and graphics hype that Sony created”? The answer is a resounding yes.  Everything is interactible from the dead bodies of your enemies to that little tin can in the corner of a kitchen of a house that you walk through for 5 seconds to get to the other road.  From the first level to the last my mouth hung drenched in drool as the pure luster of every object on screen and the immense detail.  When you can squat down near a dead enemy and count the veins in his hands you know it is next gen.  The story is long and involved and the learning curve is steep without being a vertical leap.

The next high mark this game gets is in its weapons.  It was made by “Insomniac” who, of course, made “Ratchet and Clank” so the arsenal was bound to be varied.  When you have a gun that shoots through walls and kills things on the other side you know you have a winner.

Now for the kicker.  If this game had stoped here then I would have been comfortable saying this game was a must buy and leave it at that.  But it didn’t.  My friends, this game has, by far, the greatest online multiplayer you will EVER find in a video game.  You will find no better among the cookie-cutter WWII shooters and mediocre FPS out there.

So lets sum this up with a math lesson.  (Amazing next gen graphics)+(Compelling storyline)+(Aresonal of awesomness)+(Multiplayer that makes you drool)=Game to, dare I say, rival Halo if not surpass.  I kid you not, my friends, you need this game.

Wait.  I forgot to mention something bad.  Something bad…something bad.  Well how about this when I find something you will be the first to know.  I want to say thanks to KLind for giving me a shot at this and I hope to you guys will enjoy more Sony content!



2 thoughts on “Official Resistance: Fall of Man Review

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