Hotel Dusk mini-review

I’ve been enjoying Hotel Dusk since Tuesday,and I have to say that it tops Trace Memory. I don’t say that much. But if you are one of the gamers that have grown bored of the typical Metroid, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing games, I highly recommend trying this out.

You play an ex-NYPD officer, Kyle Hyde, on a search for his former partner, Brian Bradley. You see, BRad’s fell in with the wrong crowd. He ends up disclosing some police information to the bad guys. Hyde tracks him down, and Bradley turns to run. Kyle shoots hims. Brad falls to the river, and a body was never found. Out of guilt, Hyde turns in his badge and gun, and drops off the radar.

Three years later, Hyde’s a door-to-door salesman for a company called Red Crown. Reason being that your boss, Ed, is a former friend of Kyle’s father, and used to be one with the law too. He sends Hyde to do his sales by day, and allows Kyle search for Bradley on the side.

You find yourself at Hotel Dusk. It appears to just be another Red Crown venture, but within minutes of starting the game you begin to notice that there are a bit to many “weird things” for this to just be another job. Every character in the game has a secret.

The style of the game is unlike anything I’ve played on the DS. Trace Memory and Phoenix Wright have mainly used still images of the character (probably 4-5 different shots). Hotel Dusk however uses animated frames. Having many ‘frames’ allows for more emotions to be displayed by the character. Even when the animation frames have stopped moving, the character’s border and lines continue to move making it look as if they never stop moving.
You really need to see it to believe it.

So far the game is lasting a while too. I’m maybe halfway through, and have gotten 11 hours out of it. It’s totally blowing me away everytime I ‘check in’. I’ve been thrown out of the hotel a few times (aka you said a horribly wrong bad thing, so game over). Throw in some pretty innovative puzzle, a jerk for a main character, an excellent soundtrack, then you have the basics of Hotel Dusk.

If you have a DS, you should at least rent this game.



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