Look what I found! A day early!

So, you know that game? That one’s I’m always talking about? The one that has the Wikipedia page that links to how many post I’ve made about it? Yeah, that one. That one by the people that made Trace Memory. Yeah, I put 40 hours in to that game. So, uh. I got that game. You know the one. That one that EB Games doesn’t even know about? Yeah, that one. The one with the good reviews. Yeah, I found it. At Wal-Mart no less! I went in and saw it there and my face went:

Me going all ZOMG at finding Hotel Dusk at Wal-Mart.

I bought it and retreated to the dark cave I call the Buttonbasher den. I snapped the following photo (which I guess is cut off by the site’s funky borders!):

It's a very very dark den.

I’m about 2 hours in, and this game is teh awesome. But you expected that. I mean, it is that game…



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