Hotel Dusk reminder, and various other things.

Don’t forget to look out for Hotel Dusk Room 215 sometime this week. Some retailers I’ve talked to, still don’t know a release date! I’ve heard that the Nintendo World Store will for sure have it in tomorrow, and EB/GS sometime this week. I’m going to search long and hard for it (which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who hangs here).

Also I’m in the process of getting a new writer on board. He should be up and going this week too. Again, if you want to help keep the buttons bashed (lame but effective pun) just drop me a line. My emails on the sidebar.

I’ve been playing a lot of games recently, but there’s way too many to review them all. I’ll review a few, but watch for a huge update on the Game Collections page. As for the Coming Attractions page, I think it needs to be replaced. I would like to have a page where you guys can just drop in and say which games you’re looking forward to. I’ll look in to that.

I should officially be back from the holidays (even though it’s just snowed for the first time this season, today) and there are some big-ish stories that I haven’t posted yet. 2007 starts late here at Buttonbasher I guess!

Things should be caught up by Saturday.



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