Harmonix sends their ‘Hero’ to another town.

The rumors started in EGM where rumor had it that Guitar Hero 3 would be developed by ‘another developer’ other than Harmonix.

Well, now it’s been confirmed. Which developer could fill  the shows of one of the most impressive peripheral themed game in recent memory? Neversoft. Yes, you read that right. The same people that have developed the Tony Hawk games, as well as the western shooter GUN, are planning to lay down the rawk in GH3.

I’ll wait and see how things turn out. The worst that could happen is that they would make it a franchise like Tony Hawk,  that would have a sequel every year. And is that really all that bad?



One thought on “Harmonix sends their ‘Hero’ to another town.

  1. Guitar Hero took off like a rocket! Rapidly followed by Guitar Hero 2 and 3!
    And now on the market is Rock Band!

    What could possibly be left on the horizon?

    I just can’t imagine what lies within the creator’s thinking processes…

    A job still in progress….

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