Beat, Choke, Bat, and..uh…’pimp-slap’…The Godfather makes it’s Wii debut

The Godfather is coming to the Wii (subtitled The Blackhand Edition). It’s rather old news, but now we have have details, and a trailer.

Watch the trailer

Senior producer Joel Wade speaks to IGN:
“The Blackhand combat system feels so natural and intuitive on the Wii controllers– people are going to have a fantastic time “convincing” shop owners to pay protection money, and delivering beat-downs to rival family gangsters. If people think Wii Sports boxing is a blast, imagine taking out a baseball bat to “un-even” the odds… or even grabbing your opponent by the lapels and throwing him through a window.”

Nintendo hasn’t always been gung-ho with the whole violence issue (Mortal Kombat on the SNES lacking blood, Red Steel not having blood). But maybe that is all changing. Or it could just be because it’s “We own the NFL!” Electronic Arts. Either way, this game looks like a good way to kill some stress*


*Until Dead Rising Wii


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