RUMOR: Codename: Zephyr is Xbox 361?

Yesterday morning, the tech bloggers at Engadget, posted a picture from their source of a possible hardware upgrade to the Xbox 360. It’s being codenamed Zephyr’ which means ‘a soft, gentle breeze’. If you recall the original codename for the 360 was ‘Xenon’ which is ‘a colorless, odorless, highly unreactive gas’.


Anyways, here’s the picture in question:
Zephyr 361
The Engadget article says the the ‘Zephyr’ will include an HDMI port for 1080p output, and an 120GB Harddrive.

Looking at the back of the launch model of the 360, it looks like they’ve moved the A/V up, and added the HDMI port under it.

The whole thing looks pretty authentic, and could be shown off at CES on the 8th.

If you have a 360 already, it shouldn’t be that bad of a problem. If it’s true, then Microsoft will most likely sell it seperately. It will be needed for the Movie/TV show download sizes.

I’ll keep a look out on the CES coverage.



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